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I have a reusable water beaker on my desk, I recycle where I can, I use a reusable mug for my morning coffee. #Sustainability

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There’s no pleasing some people :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


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:rofl: Still smarting for me pulling you up for being a blatant rabble-rouser with making unsubstantiated claims? Let’s hope you don’t fall off your bar-room stool, you drunken tool. - GL.


No, Hungary is concerned about the distribution of refugees, let’s say forwarding africans that arrive in Italy to Hungary.

And although I don’t like Orban and his crowd I must credit them that they understand the difference between free movement of EU citizens and immigration from outside better than Brexit Britain.

Asylum seekers have no right of free movement.

same. It’s about muslim immigration from Pakistan etc.

again, same thing. Africans, Algerians, Moroccans, but it’s not about EU people.

AfD in Germany isn’t talking about people from Poland/Bulgaria/Romania etc. either.

…from Syria and Afghanistan.

The UK is to my knowledge the only EU country where movement of EU citizens is an issue.


Untrue by what? Your statement is worthless without providing facts.


Yes, I agree @arsanias. In fact, it’s something I’ve argued in the past… just forgot.
As far as I’m aware (now) it is only deemed an issue… in the UK.

It is of course true that a single market could be created purely around the free movement of goods, services and capital… but the EU also includes the free movement of people… which even Hungary see as a benefit.

Doesn’t alter the point I was making about offering different payment models and duration of membership though.


Ocado shares could do well next week :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Freedom of movement will be an issue in other countries but they dont blame the EU for it. FOM in the EU is about allowing ppl to work in other countries can be controlled by training young in each countries for the Jobs the country needs and by strictly enforcing EU laws.
Whats happened here is Brexit has allowed lies to inflame this issue to divide our country and it shames us…

Below a tale of a nice family leaving because of the hate generated by Farage and his nuts. How does that make you feel?? (general question)


There are so many important things to disapprove of, I sometimes fear I will lose track of them all.


That’s very Zen.

I guess it’s almost a case of prioritising ones disapproval…I suppose like MP’s…who have to learn to fight their important battles. I suspect next week is one of those times when nobody will be holding anything in reserve. Things could get very ugly.


Everyday…two giants in the automotive world, joining forces to make a new electric car in the UK.

Toyota will produce a new hybrid electric vehicle for Suzuki at its Burnaston plant in Derbyshire in a boon for the UK car industry. Expected to go into production next year, the hybrid will use engines from Toyota’s North Wales facility, with electric components imported from Japan — becoming the first car the Japanese carmaker will have produced in Britain. Last month, Honda announced as many as 7,000 jobs could be lost as a result of the closure of its Swindon plant. • Here’s what people are saying -


Indeed, a bit of good news but hardly everyday! No-one has ever said that it is one way traffic. In the motor industry most of the change has been negative for the UK. As you well know!


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Tech, one of the fastest growing sectors in the world, see’s London as the top destination.

The capital attracted more European and non-European tech professionals than any other major city on the continent last year, according to research revealed today by London & Partners.


Some good news, especially for the 3,000 employees of Toyota in UK.

“It is not thought this development will lead to the creation of new jobs as it will be within Toyota’s existing production capacity. However, it will help secure the future of the UK workforce of more than 3,000.”


How much of these are in FinTechs? How much of these will relocate?


Facebook, Amazon and Google opened their European HQs in London. So technically not “relocating” more opting for London over other European cities, despite being faced by the brexit situation.

Since FinTech is a reasonably new concept, again unlikely any relocated to London, more choosing to use it as a place to launch rather than in Europe.

It’s a positive story which no doubt many remainers will attempt to rubbish. Feel free, but forgive me if I have more faith in the boards of these companies and their decisions rather than some expert on the Internet.


“The armed forces have activated a team in a nuclear-proof bunker under the Ministry of Defence as the government prepares next Monday to enter “very high readiness mode” for a no-deal Brexit”



…we are seeing the Revoke Article 50 petition climb to new heights. This morning when I looked it was at 2,730,000 signatures. I expect that number will raise substantially after Saturday’s march.


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