Finals tomorrow



Hi all. Tomorrow is finals day. Management will have the excuse book out, then tell us the plan is still working. I think that there will be pressure to announce some kind of revamp, but I`m not holding my breath on that one. The only thing that can save this company from doom is a plan to cut debt and sort out the margins. Why I keep holding only God knows. Good luck to all out there.



I have made a tick list of excuses I am expecting tomorrow, let’s see if I miss any:

  • Hurricane Katrina,
  • US Snow
  • UK snow
  • Low Oil price
  • labour market issues
  • low cost flights
  • low highstreet footfall in UK
  • North of England in long term decline
  • roadworks
  • GWR upgrade work
  • train timetable changes
  • Brexit
  • Uncertainty in US politics
  • Late/early Easter (every year seems to work against results)


Pyueck. Some people that are new to FGP might think you are having a laugh. However I have been dealing in them for a very long time and consider your list quite fair. I would be very surprised, astounded even, if management can`t come up with a new excuse though. I have placed a soft pillow at my desk for tomorrow in case I feel like banging my head.



Jus two points…

Might we see a dividend - albeit a miniscual one?

And might we see renewed interest in takeover post results?

Er … might the answer to both of these be no and no…