FRR Share Certificates



Same here - they told me they would write to me after they’d investigated
but I’ve heard nothing yet. Were our shares “borrowed” for shorting purposes ?


Thanks jaytee, Im also waiting for a reply. Interesting thought kooiker, strange happenings so would not discount anything.


Well my share amount is with computershare against my name and address. Surely anyone accessing them other than myself would be illegal ?


Just received an email from UK CS BRS COMMUNICATIONS
Please find below details of the valid share certificate number (s) which represent the above shareholding and was despatched to the registered address on or around 6 June 2019.
If you cannot locate the certificate(s), please write to this office asking for an Indemnity for lost certificate (Indemnity) to be issued. Please be aware that a fee may be charged for this service.

DGFLetters - Please advise me if you get the same.


I don’t believe they have been sent, jaytee, if you have not received them by now. Were they sent ordinary mail since they should have been sent registered ie sign for? Do we know if only Selftrade custs affected?


I don’t know. I’ve replied to them asking for proof of posting. If you wish you can email me unless you are on twitter. If you’re not on twitter then maybe Eyeson can give you my email address via the FFRSG site.


I have had yet another conversation with Computershare who insist my shares were sent out (not recorded delivery) on 6th June. Also they are no longer issuing any shares or
acting for Frontera for whom they only have an e-mail address and no phone number.

It seems they have sent outstanding queries back to Frontera and told me to contact them directly. I think we apparently have no-one who will acknowledge the fact that our shares ,which as
Computershare has no longer any dealings with Frontera so can’t issue replacement certificates were ever owned by us !
This is extremely worrying, if you make any progress please help.


The question is who is ultimately responsible ? The company you bought the shares from who got your commission, Computershare or FRR ?


Any ideas where we go from here?


keep battering computershare and speak to a manager


just been on to Selftrade, they are saying it is Computershares responsibility and to talk to the manager. That is what Im about to do, Selftrade confirmed several holders have been on to them.


just been back to Equiniti - not sure if they are Selftrade and spoke to Kieran who said he has received several calls and advised all callers to speak to Computershare manager. Equiniti instructed Computershare to print the certificates and send them on to individuals


It is worrying and scandalous that Fronterra seem unable to communicate with anyone, least of all people who have supported them financially. Where are the Directors in all this I wonder?


Just been on with Computershare for 30mins and spoke to a nice lady called Hayley. She was able to see the notes of my previous calls and after speaking to her team leader stated that computershare who are Equiniti’s and other providers registrars, ceased dealings with FRR on 27 may. I said then why are you telling everyone that you sent the certificates out on the june 6 - couldn’t answer that. So I threatened to report this to the FSA and Hayley said I will log an official complaint which I dictated and she read back. This goes to a customer relationship officer who will deal with the case and get back to me in 5 working days.

I suggest you all do the same


I have also lodged an official complaint with Anwar after being told to contact Frontera. He said in the first instance I will receive an explanation as to why dealings with FRR have ceased etc.


The more official complaints the better.


my shares are/were with ii. Has anybody been in touch with them? I’m just about to head off for about 10 days so don’t want to kick anything off that I can’t followup on.


Me too Gordon-the-novice

Take a screenshot of your accounts home page
Then go on holiday

If I give £20k to a company for 4 million shares in a named company and they renege on that deal

My lawyer will have fun with them

Enjoy your holiday


I have just tried yet again to contact Computershare. After many long waits and cut-offs I was firstly informed (not by a manager who refused to come to deal with me ), that it was being dealt with in Australia ! This was then corrected, but they are refusing either to have any further discussions , or to say what has happened to the certificates, or the follow-up letters which they promised to send me.
They will not log any complaint either saying I must just e-mail FRR despite me telling them we have had no contact from the company since Christmas.
At 87 with a heart complaint I am now at my wits end - has anyone any further ideas what I can do?


Is your contract with Computershare or a broker?

My guess is a broker took your money, that is the place to complain

Good luck