FRR Share Certificates



Thank you Fillpot, I’m with Selftrade and I’ve been back to them again now, and they were very helpful and directed me to the Ombudsman, who were also very efficient.
I have lodged an official complaint against Computershare and they have 5 weeks to respond to the ombudsman so patience (and good health) is required !


Good job sir!


Can you please supply the contact information for the Ombudsman and I will do the same. I and at least one other from here managed to log a complaint with Computershare but guess they have been inundated and are calling a halt to this.


It is a company’s duty to ensure appropriate arrangements are in place to maintain its share register.Whilst Frontera was listed on AIM it was required to be a member of the Crest clearing system and nominate one of their approved share registrars to deal with share transactions & registration of share holdings in the required manner.Frontera appointed Computershare who are one of a number of companies authorised by Crest to act as registrars.

When Frontera ceased to be listed on AIM it was no longer eligible to be a member of the Crest system.Frontera therefore needed to put in place a replacement system of maintaining its share register.
Frontera have failed to advise who is acting as registrar and all contact has ceased with shareholders including removal of “useful” information from its website such as current registrar.
It is clear from previous posts on this thread that Computershare have tried & failed to make contact with Frontera.Until they have formal authority to act from Frontera they have no legal or other authority to act on behalf of Frontera as registrars.
Existing shareholders will still have their shareholdings registered via their brokers,usually as nominee holdings,as at the last date the register was maintained under the crest system by Computershare.I have no idea if Frontera intend to continue to accept this as a confirmation of continued rights to share ownership.
You will need to contact Frontera for confirmation & details of their new registration arrangements…


Have now emailed Frontera asking what arrangements they have to provide share certificates when Computershare refuse to provide them. Not expecting a reply.


I emailed them yesterday but nothing back. At least the email wasn’t rejected.


For once we agree on something TX2!!!

I think this is the least of Frontera’s problems though as they are currently fighting for our and their survival.

I think we will come through this mess, the DOS is key though. If it’s to be challenged it has to go before the Caymans and so far there appears to be no “official” challenge to the DOS.

A case of wait and see now.

So long as your holdings are recorded with your broker then there should be nothing to worry about.


Did you try emailing YellowJersey?


Hi Jaytee41 The freephone number is :- 0800 0234567 open 8.00 a.m to 8.00 pm
Mon - Fri, and 9.00 a.m on Saturdays.
After taking all details they gave me a reference number. after they contact Computershare directly to give them a chance to try and sort the problem out and contact me directly, or if that doesn’t work out I have to
contact the Ombudsman again and they will take action. This could be some weeks !
Sorry for the delay answering I took the dog for a walk to de-stress.

Good luck all shareholders Ann


Thanks for that. I think I will wait for the result of the complaint I have lodged direct with computershare. If I get fobbed off like we all have done this week, then i will call the Ombudsman.


Don’t have his email address




thanks… I’ve forwarded yesterdays email that I sent to FRR to YJ. Lets see what happens lol


Not sure if it makes any odds - as i suspect your email will be forwarded to Tim (probably) but this is the one i used and got a successful reply: frontera


Latest - Well the Computershare investigation didn’t last long. Just got this email from their complaints dept.

Having investigated this matter, it has come to my attention that Computershare have suspended services with this client. As computershare are unable to provide you with any further information regarding this matter, you must contact the company direct using the following email address -

I then contacted the Ombudsman who raised a case but recommended me reply to Computershare asking if this was their final response (they are supposed to say at the bottom of any final response, words like if you disagree then you can contact the Ombudsman etc etc). I have done as requested.


I have also sent a copy of email to Tim at Yellow Jersey. If we rattle enough cages something might give!


Just received ‘Fine by me’ from Tim???


He sent me weird responses - first reply was responded. Then I emailed back saying what is that supposed to mean, he then replied you were sent a mail, I said yes with responded on - he replied… yes that’s the one. Maybe he’s been on the Friday afternoon sauce


This fiasco is enough to drive anyone to drink.


10 mins, when I log off from work.