Gold up $20 but still range bound?



The longer term trend may still look good but gold still appears stuck in the $1300 - $1360 band. Trump’s threatened tariffs are hitting the USD and U.S. stocks which is probably helping today but it’s difficult to see what wil really push it up over $1400, or knock it below $1300 for that matter.

Meanwhile, on the Condor front I’m still optimistic that we will see the permits come through by mid-year. The company relationship with both locals and government looks increasingly a solid one.

The question of course is what they are worth in price. Could be 10p or 50p or more; it’s impossible to say although we will have the Canadian market to help with a move when it does happen. Lack of familiarity with Condor could well be what is holding it back at the moment.

Fingers crossed.