Good Luck, HTL



Hi HtL

Glad to hear you’re getting a break, they seem to me very on top of adapting as needed. Wishing all the best with the next cycle.

Best wishes


Hi HtL

Sincerely hope all goes well with the consultant tomorrow, hope this week has given you some respite.
Keeping fingers crossed for you and on a mundane level for all of us on here who are hoping end of next week might see the AM move in an equally positive direction.

All the best



Yes, HtL’s position puts me to shame for fretting over a buoy hook-up.


Thing is, who knows when anyone of us may be facing the same challenge. In my immediate family I know of 3 people who have had different types of cancer and in my wider circle of friends x by 10. I don’t know if technology is making us more aware in terms of diagnosis rates or if the pace of everyday life, the food we consume, the air we breathe has increased exposure and risk …


For quite a while the cancer rate has been 1 in 3, but now it is close to 1 in 2.


It could simply be that modern medicine is prolonging lives but it cannot repair our DNA that is being degraded as we grow older

`background neutron radiation could be an important trigger for cancer in higher animals, such as humans. That makes sense but will need some looking into since there are other sources of spontaneous mutations that could also be responsible, such as the inhalation of radioactive elements like radon and who-knows-what other chemical processes that can disrupt DNA and its repair mechanisms.’



It will be impossible in my lifetime to 100% nail down the cause when there are so many possible culprits?
Background radiation? Check the Aberdeen population.
But too many others. Smokey atmosphere as a child from parent smoking? Nitrites (etc) in processed food? Fat in food? Car emissions? overhead electricity pylons? Hereditary? etc etc etc


Hi Ash

So many variables, yes. When we look at our daily lives and the chemical interactions we have from the food we digest to the household chemicals we ingest - who knows what effect those daily interactions may have. On a deeper level we get little respite in this world to just be with ourselves and embrace our reality ‘good’ or ‘bad’. We are constantly told to strive, to compete, to be better and rarely hear that it’s fine to just be who you are, where you are right now, experiencing whatever you are experiencing. I wonder sometimes if the neuroticism promoted by our society may also have a negative impact on our wellbeing.

By the way HtL, sorry this has gone a bit off topic!


Weirdly, after a bottle of wine, I have been thinking about that and even though I have missed out on whatever joys marriage and love affairs can bring I am in a position to ignore all the things you mention above and live my own life in an almost hedonistic way, though not as selfishly as that suggests.



Meaning ‘avoid’ means the ‘strive’, ‘compete’ bit?


Hi Albi1/ash/Floss,

Many thanks for your good wishes and interesting conversation.

I must admit this round of treatment has hit me again. Lack of appetite, weight loss and breathing problems. Anyway, soldier on, not much else you can do.

All the best.



From an evolutionary point of view, we are the latest generation in an incredibly long line of ancestors who have had no choice but to soldier on through all sorts of privations without any recourse to modern medicines etc. T

So the ability to endure rather than the ability to compete was perhaps the most valuable attribute handed on to later generations especially in times of drought, famine, war, not to mention climate change and



“…By the way HtL, sorry this has gone a bit off topic!”

I don’t think so at all, Albi1. To my mind, an apology is neither required nor warranted. The thread MAY have indeed gone rather deeper than originally intended, into the philosophy ( and perils?) of modern-day living, but in my opinion it is of such quality and depth that put this HUR BB head and shoulders above the others - not many, by my own admission - which I visit. Let’s keep it that way, please!. Hope all’s well and that HTL (Hi, HTL) is coping. - Just been diagnosed with pre-diabetes 2. Par for the course, but some slight lifestyle changes may be required. No big sweat. Ready, willing and able.
Kr,A. - LLV


P.S. Coincidentally, I have just ordered (for a friend) `How To Love Your Inner Human In A World Of Anxiety: Self Help Solutions To Not Feeling Good Enough’

Paperback – 16 Jan 2019
by John



Morning Flossoffa……that book sounds like something I should have read seven decades ago! Childhoods of that era were extremely influential in how we perceive ourselves. Our parents were scarred from the war, and parenting was almost incidental to recovery from that.
Having said that, I find today’s selfish, hard, vain, violent and competitive world probably as hard as those parents found World War 2.


Hello H t L,

I’m sorry to learn about the side effects of the current course of treatment you are on. I’m sure the encouragement and support from your family and the regular posters on this board will help you win the battle .

Best wishes to you and your family from a storm battered Cumbria.



Hi carliol,

Many thanks for your message. Having just returned from my treatment meeting, I have been told that they will again suspend treatment until things improve. Which I am not at all unhappy about.

I hope you are well and all is good.

Take care .

All the best.




Pleased to hear you are being given a break from your arduous treatment. It sounds as if the side effects show how powerful, and therefore hopefully, how effective, the chemo will be. Keep strong and rest up.

Albi1 : hope you are now back to good health, and your husband too ? Maybe some good multi vitamins will boost you and get you back up to full speed ?

Lawven2 : sorry to hear about your diagnosis of pre type 2 diabetes. At least you are forewarned and can avoid some of the wrong (but very tasty) foods … exercise, while avoiding being buffeted by stormy winds, is one way Mr M and I try to ward off such things.

I have been taken up in the last few days with my other significant investment, in Sirius Minerals, now looking as if there is a better option for their stage 2 funding for the polyhalite mine completion in NE Yorkshire - but I digress !

Our ship will sail soon to WoS and once safely hooked to the buoy, FOIL will be imminent and the GWA will be also be advancing and proved up. We can then all look back on this rather long winter and be thankful it is behind us with hopefully better and happier times ahead for us loyal investors.

Very best wishes,



Hi, HTL. I’m very pleased you have a diligent medical / oncology team looking after you. They sound like they are really looking after you. The break did you good before, and you regained your weight, so fingers crossed it comes right again for you. The shrinkage was excellent when they checked, so it looks like you have a powerful chemo doing it’s job.
I hope the side effects fizzle out soon, and you’ll feel much better, so that you can start the journey again
Take care


Hi millais/aquarian,

Many thanks to you both for your kind and supportive messages. I hope you are both well.

Let’s hope that positive things start to happen here, and we see some real enduring forward movement in the sp. Personally I think we have all been more than patient.

Certainly more than enough catalysts coming up. Providing the results are as we would hope for, we should be more than able to justify our time spent and loyalty with this share.

Take care.

All the best.