Good Luck, HTL



It’s like people in disaster areas for thanking God for saving them but never blame Him for causing it in the first place.


“…but never blame Him for causing it in the first place.” (Congrats on the Capital 'H" - some may think that you sound more cynical than you probably are!)

Very true, Ash. But then again, maybe He did NOT cause it in the first place? Would it be too fatalistic to say’…sins of the forefathers?’ - or a variation thereof?? KR,A. - LLV


Personally, as long as we all make lots of dosh with HUR I don’t care who is responsible!


Dr T



“…Dr T …perFlops?”

Touche’, Floss. And that’s no ASS U M(e)ption, either! Kr,A. - LLV



Have to say I do find observing connections and their effects endlessly fascinating but ironically conveniently deny them in my own life. I guess I’m a closet scientist at heart, but in the end it has always been ‘mind’, in my experience, which comes out king. As we all know, if we can’t change circumstances we at least can determine how we react - though depending on circumstances that can really call us to draw on every ounce of courage and insight we have.


Ash and Lawven - cause and effect …

Faith in itself is a cause and has an effect. If your faith is determined through sincere reflection, experience and a trusting nature then likely the effect will be you will always find the silver lining or blessing in disguise and regardless develop the endurance to deal with whatever comes. In a sense (and please forgive me I do not say this to cause offence) it is the act of faith itself which empowers the individual and gives refuge - rather than total dependence on an external entity, but as faith matures perhaps the realisation dawns that strength is to be found inside in the first place but the external reference point helps many reach that understanding, gradually, and I’d have to include myself in that to some extent though I don’t hold to a theistic approach myself now, certainly it provided a bedrock from which to grow and explore, shelter in a storm one might say.


Hi Millais

Thank you and share your thoughts re. HtL’s chemo - it’s nasty stuff and has horrible side effects but that’s what makes it so effective and (HtL we’re all rooting for you) hopefully once it has done its job the healing will begin.

As to mine and my husband’s state of health - we seem to have turned a corner. Rather unexpectedly have been involved in a short term assignment in London which has distracted me from my woes and despite initially wondering if I’d bitten off more than I could chew it has turned out to be quite a tonic. My husband also now feeling better and yes we’re both focused on anything immune system boosting.

As an aside also liked the Sirius story but not an area I really know much about so felt simplifying was the way to go for me, and here I am, fingers crossed for our hook up but good luck with your investment, also hope, as an innovative British company they pull it off and succeed.


Hello HtL

“Which I am not at all unhappy about.”

I’m not surprised but equally as others have said, sounds like they are tailoring treatment precisely to your needs which is reassuring to hear. It really does sound like a bit of a battle and I guess you have a little respite before getting back into the fray and importantly sounds like you haven’t lost your sense of humour, good medicine in itself. I suggest this might time to binge watch some comedy favourites and show those malignant cancer cells where they can go!!

All the best



I think Flossoffa couldn’t resist the invitation to find Flod!



Frankly I suspect these days that will be the case for many of us at some point. I’ve been inspired by Dr Michael Moseley who you’ve probably heard of. I love his willingness to explore alternatives and examine and test what actually helps people stablise their blood sugar. I suspect you know who he is but in case you haven’t heard of him here’s a link which also details some of his books (of which I have two). You may have seen his various documentaries on BBC iPlayer also. His work on promoting effectively a cure for type 2 diabetes through diet alone is now being trialed I believe in some practices within the NHS.



“I told her to ignore that …”

Fair play - at 96 she deserved to enjoy her remaining years. I do think sometimes modern medicine in its well motivated and admirable aim to prolong life sometimes misses the reality of our human condition and fails to see the person, their reality and their wishes. Though great strides have definitely been made in these areas over the last 20 years with more person centered care winning out over others imposing their idea of care.


I actually hate Michael Moseley and his pseudo science. I’ve never read his books but his programmes on TV are embarrassing with their fatally flawed experiments which are constantly comparing apples with lesser spotted aardvarks. They leave a lot more questions than answers and are invariably terrible science that would never get past a peer review.

To make matters worse, his team (the producers, him, a combination???) asked the proper scientists at Newcastle University to put their name to something that just wasn’t true, ie they asked them to lie.

Obviously the Newcastle people gave an instant, “no”, but it shows what goes on behind the scenes.


Hi Albi1,

Many thanks for your good wishes. Good to have you back, and that both you and your husband are feeling much better.

Exciting times ahead. Let us hope that this gets done this time, and that all involved are safe and sound.

Providing all goes to plan, I expect this share to really start to show some serious forward momentum. If we can see some of the traders take a bit of a longer term view, we might just hold on to the gains for a change.

Anyway, good luck to all on the AM.

Stay safe.

All the best.



I am a great believer in the benefits of exercising hard enough to sweat and to have to breathe deeply. i.e. use the body in the way it was evolved to be used (as hunter/gatherers). So I ride a bike hard every day for about an hour (one of the benefits of retirement). This obviously burns off blood sugar but the lungs are also an `organ of excretion’ i.e. of CO2 but other gaseous nasties too, so deep breathing for a while will obviously enhance that pathway. Equally the skin may also be an exit pathway for toxins if you sweat, so whilst toxins may be dumped via the excretory pathway, the skin and lungs provide far larger areas with better transmission than the routes available if you are purely sedentary.

Please forgive it being off



Re: Dr Michael Moseley …'a link which also details some of his books (of which I have two).

Thank you very much, Albi1. This HUR BB is as good as ‘philosophica academica’ gets. Head and shoulders above most other!! Despite Ash’s (jusifiable (?) reservations), I would like to read at leisure, what Dr M’s has to say on the subject so that I can more knowledgeably agree/disagree with Ash. (Might take much more background, though). I do NOT have a weight 'problem, I have never taken in much carbohydrates, nor have I had an alerted health concern with blood sugar/albumin/cholesterol before now, so I may be a bit superficial in my concerns/understanding.

I do know that in all these many diet routines (extremes?)- Atkins, Cambridge, 5:2, South California, etc; it is really what works for you, so there are many different ‘takes’ out there. Weight Watches & Slimming World are probably considered more 'Lifestyle?. I have tracked down some of his many writings, videos, etc., and will do my review. Thanks, Albi, apart from ‘blood sugar diet’, do you specially recommend any other of Dr M’s? . Thanks, Ash. Watching HUR’s like an anxious Hawk. Kr,A. & Best Wishes. -LLV


Noted response, Floss. Not assuming that all is well, so advise if not thus, but only if you should so desire. Kr,A. - LLV



I’m viewing it as a possible preventative but for some the cause is obviously a genetic predisposition but I would hope lifestyle adjustments might make some impact or that’s a bit a of a challenge for you! In case it’s of interest, the other book is The Fast Diet and I would say ‘diet’ is kind of a misnoma here. What both books cover is the benefits of fasting (not in an extreme way) on the whole metabolic system, exercise and optimum diet choices - low GI but also foods high in supportive nutrients. In a nutshell when you really examine it - it’s the old ‘everything in moderation’ adage apart from referring to scientific research on the benefits of eating a more plant based diet (not vegetarian necessarily) and short term fasting (and this can just be from 1pm to 1pm the next day - once or twice a week to have an impact. He does recommend you take this approach with the OK from your GP and to actually get base level tests done at the start and then again in the middle and the end to check progress.

I don’t think this is pseudoscience but actually just echoes many other findings in this area, but perhaps I’m biased as it pretty much correlates with my own thinking on the subject.



Completely agree, it’s all about balance - exercise, diet, sleep, conduct, attitude, pace of life and environment. Exercise is a great natural healer - trouble is if you’re not feeling great then your diet becomes even more important.



Fair play, I really like him! :grin: Producers can overstep their boundaries so I’d rather hope it was them than him and hope that’s not the case.