HMGovt epetition - ban shorting !



Some stocks fall after GOOD NEWS! …IS it just normal levels of profit taking? Yes, imo. BUT the underlying reason for many pi’s taking early profits, is simply they are afraid they’ll be left in paper losses!
Thus, if the stock, after ‘good news’ is then shorted, then kiss good bye to this stock reaching new highs?

The ‘shorts’ therefore ‘win’ their bets, whereas the ‘longs’ lose the best part of their investment, possibly for some time to come…and just when you thought this couldn’t go any lower, THEY’LL SHORT THE STOCK AGAIN !

Why is this? They both can’t win…the money has to come from somewhere?


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(that’s A LOT of irate investors!)

Investors are saying something? They are voting in their thousands !

HMGovt epetition, make short selling illegal !

(or at least better regulated)

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The big problem with shorting is that THEY (the shorters) WOULD most likely lose most of their money IF they just ‘bet’ on the price going down without trying to ‘help’ it down?

So, there is the ‘catch 22’ scenario. No one would know of an RNS to be released that will contain BAD NEWS, if they did and then ‘shorted’ the stock, then they are guilty of ‘insider trading’.

The only sure way to short a stock and WIN is to spread dis-information to defame the company with help from other posters that are in concert with them. To ENSURE that they don’t lose the biggest part of their ‘short’, ironically, then, they must deramp with (seemingly) believable posts.

When the pro’s do it, they simply get the media or well known ‘crooked’ tipsters, analysts or brokers to do it for them. (say no more). .They’re all in cahoots with each other!

The campaign against shorting is for the benefit of the 'cheated' investors that cannot control their investments due to the dirty tricks played out by co-ordinated deramping in order to tank the sp to abnormally low levels.

When the campaign is complete, the results will be reviewed by Govt legislators re- further action! The branch of the FSA ie FCA will be asked by Davide Serra to conduct an investigation into short selling practices, with the view to either:- an outright ban on short selling, or at the very least to be better and more vigorously regulated !

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