Hurricane's Future Prospects?



What a stupid statement. I talk about risk management. You own up as a buyer to 100% loss potential… Something that would never happen me shorting … (or buying) Hilarious


If you believe that you’ll believe anything, however please cut the crap for everyones sake.

Have a good afternoon

Hope your making plenty money.



No crap. Money flying into account. Only crap is the bull written here. Literally… … bull


You are 100% correct the bullshit level has soured from your arrival.


Good. At least not sweetened . It was already too sugary prior to me


Sweetened bullshit, that is a first.

As the old saying goes
“Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”



You got the last half right. An improvement anyway


So I made a thread especially for you all. Because there are more shorter complaints here than short revelations. This will clean up this thread by 85%


I go out for a few hours and you’re still babbling away to yourself. This bear bait is really potent stuff. You sure you aren’t a bull, you do talk enough of it? :smiley:


That’s funny, as you mentioned the possibility of getting one, on finance. So not you? Another user of the account, or another personality of yours perhaps?

Oh heavens no, I could only dream of affording one, even on finance.

“under the wheel”? You mean to tell me there’s a special button in the tarmac? How did I never know this? What if the Ferrari drives over it? What does it do? My curiosity is peaked.

I can’t even afford a decent TV. Can I come watch yours? Bet you’ve got a nice big 42" plasma? My jealously levels are off the scale if true.

That’s been down 26% since the market opened, how did the great Armageddon only just spot that?! Got to be in it before it goes down 26% to be down 26% (or more), toots. Basic math really.

Aren’t you the one who lives on here. No IRL friends to bother?

You aren’t even a good troll as you get baited too easily :fishing_pole_and_fish:. Can you discuss psychology in more detail please, that was interesting?


I suppose another one not quotable. Was That when you said you like to dress up like a little girl?


Especially for you


42 inch? They still make those little ones ?


As you have crated it, please move over and use it. You are basically talking to yourself anyway.

I don’t think anyone hates shorters here, just total Bell Ends with no respect that folk are fed up with.

As someone else pointed out, I don’t think you are a person anyway. Probably some kind of fund trying to scare us poor individuals out of our shares. No individual has the time to sit actively by a key board. you seem always on hand to oblige a diatribe reply instantly.

Your crap seems to start in line with American markets getting under way, but I could be wrong.


“have a nice day”


No. Thats the Crap time for HUR. After UK close


Respect? Have to earn that. Admit your wrong here on HUR first…


In what respect, I am doing ok here thanks! So I don’t see how I am wrong.

You claim to be making a good daily %, so good luck.


Your just wrong I know you are . too emotional.

Only losers reply to me . The short haters


I do have all my shares set too sell at a massively inflated level (130x todays price), as I was told that if you do this your shares cannot be used for shorting.

Why did you not pick holes in this statement of mine earlier? when you did on the rest?

I don’t hate shorters, I don’t know any to hate? Plus it keep liquidity in the markets, for us to buy cheaper shares and make a profit on.

No emotion here Sir/Madam


You know me now. Il be short this until 10p. And updating every five mins about it


Well some sense there.
.but here is the thing.

If you see the shorters and expect 20-50% drops, why not sell and buy cheaper? Surely much more rewarding financially. If your right about eventual long.