Hurricane's Future Prospects?



Good night


Good night


Interesting to see that despite `dear man god’s 153 posts yesterday, the price barely changed over the day.

Must try harder';Could do better’ `Is he doing his homework’…

Maybe he deserves one of those comments on my school reports of fifty years



I think your broker must be broken


Floss what how to make fast day cash whilst waiting 10p. If HUR opens up, gonna short it hard.


Will make your school pension look like


Good Morning Floss,

Just logged on this morning after being away yesterday and I can’t believe what’s happened to this board.

Let’s hope our shorters get their fingers burnt as Hurricane goes from strength to strength as an oil producer.



What price are shorter fingers burned? Just asking so we can clarify a price to same ratio that bulls are burned


Can only suggest email II directly and ask them to look into this. I’ve sent two emails to no avail so far as it’s getting out of hand. II themselves have stated clear posting etiquette and should support users on here when boards get hijacked as this one clearly has been.

Have emailed again today but as I only have a research account here I don’t know if they will pay any attention. Hopefully they will look into it for the benefit of paying customers on here who actually have holdings with them.


Maybe they are analysing the board and thinking… …

well a bit unfair to ban the only one who is right… …

The great ManGod

HUR 10p Target

Now the board is yours. I’ve a 24 hour party to go do… enjoy the show guys


Instead of a sly indirect input into people’s minds who actually have accounts, why don’t you just ask all account holders directly? Not insult their intelligence with kid play ‘use the force luke’ psychology . It’s easy

“Can you all please email admin to ban Armageddon, because I can’t cope with shorters being right”

See? Simple as that . People respect it more

@Albi1 Can i go party now? Or Am I in your head so much, your going to keep rattling on about me while away?

"Mangod HUR target 10p "



I’ve tried to engage with you in a constructive way. Unfortunately that’s not possible as your own behaviour on here shows. Nothing more to say as I don’t want to cause a further flurry of silly posts from you. It’s sad you have no respect for all the other posters on here and feel entitled to ruin what was an excellent board.


Of course, brokers would know who the true masters are, handling their money.

Maybe that says something about your emails …


65% of posts here are the banshee bulls whining. Not me at all


Now… … I have to go out for the evening.

Lead the way Albi. A productive posting day from all bulls ahead. .


… Il be watching… …


GOOD NEWS - ignore Armageddon, who is only serving his own agenda. The amount of time that is being spent on trying to manipulate this share, trying to make people sell, is a good indication that they want your shares cheap, so don’t give them away.

I’ve seen this many times in my long time investing.
When you have a good business with a good product that is in demand, that’s about to break into production, you always get some derampers who come along attempting to make some short term gains. They saturate the discussion boards with drivel, pretend to be working for the common good but in fact are only interested in manipulating sentiment. What they don’t appreciate is that we’ve been invested in this company for a darn sight longer than they have and we aren’t going to be frightened into giving up our investments in a company with very sound fundamentals and management.

Do I give a toss about Armageddon’s ramblings? No.
He can play the market with his short term trading, and anti-social behaviour on the discussion boards, (albeit veiled in a fabrication of politeness) but who cares about what the brave and anonymous Armageddon says? I certainly have stopped reading anything with that username at the start and just scroll past. He’s hardly transparent, the choice of username tells you all you need to know. Leave the village idiot to talk to himself…

Whatever your response Armageddon, be certain that I won’t be bothering to read it.


Actually you mostly get rampers. Your long time investing? Learned nothing then if holding this.

Staggering. Me, one person, could manipulate a market sentiment in a forum. But can i ask you? Your post starts out with a major ramp about production etc… why are we nearly down 20% since the great Armageddon arrived?

Dear oh dear my boy. Long time in markets and don’t realise that shorters hold as long as any investor? Maybe longer ? Your long time in markets claim has just been snagged.

My response dear ramper, is in the price… . I suggest this is a panic post from thou.

Don’t worry lad. Us bears might let you have a sniff at 10p… If im feeling kind .

However: market psychology

You try to seed confidence with your opening statement… produce a feeling of belief in the next words. And then RAMP it

Dear oh dear



That crude still sinkin?


I’ve just invested more … in the demise of HUR

See? All investors. Should be nice to each other.