HWDN biggest winner for me today



Months ago I put an alert on ii if HWDN bid price greater than 453p. This morning triggered. Broker consensus on HWDN is just a hold. The Editors article posted on Thu well worth reading IMO and is more optermistic.

I have just noticed mistake in my July post should have read:
" SP has fallen 28.5% since referendum, as if UK is about to have a severe depression. I just do NOT believe that to be the case. At these prices they are at least a weak buy IMO. A SP move over the next 3 months of at least +10% I believe highly probable.", I had omitted the ‘not’.

In actual fact I was not optimistic enough as by 2 Sep SP had risen 36.5% sadly fell back down again. I think that is what made me set alert as felt I should have sold in September around 460p mark. Looking at impressive ROCE of 47.6% according to SharePad I would expect growth to return to HWDN.

Think I will hold for a while longer as things seem to be getting better for HWDN.