I will be looking out for rising impairments in the forthcoming reports.


Seems like nothing to worry about. Lets hope Lloyds have a good set of results next week.


Hi @Swamp_Cat,

Hope you are well. Have you managed to get back into LLOY at a price that you are happy with ?.

I see that RBS did well with their results today (see article below). This must bode well for lloyds next week. Both shares up about 1% today I see.

Some of the negatives cited by RBS might read across to LLOY though. And of course the biggie will be PPI as always, might be good news there ?.




Morning Pref,

I am very well thank you. I did get back into Lloyds at a price I am non too happy with. It was a disgraceful trade considering sp was as low as 50p. I live and learn. Bought back circa 57 and am considering selling after good results on Wednesday.


Hi Again @Swamp_Cat,

Yes when the market offers you an opportunity it is best to buy incrementally, taking some of what you want but keeping some cash in reserve in case the price goes even lower when you can buy a bit more. But waiting and hoping to make the one big killer buy is likely to result in you missing the opportunity completely.

But you sound like you are in profit now anyway and likely will be more so after the results.




I threw my dummy out of the cot with Lloyds when I was gazumped on a £15k buy close to Christmas at circa 50p, that would have been the start of my buying in drips.