Lancaster Oil Production ( EPS )



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The sixth cargo of Lancaster oil is now at Wilhelmshaven, It’s interesting to note page 15 of the Hurricane Presentation in the 2019 Interim Results Roadshow which provides actual oil production figures up to cargo four and guidance of future oil production up to cargoes six - seven.

Don’t forget, Hurricane continue to have have a 100% interest in Lancaster.


Perhaps some of the cash raised via the EPS on Lancaster will be used for additional wells on Lancaster. See page 10 as above which provides " next steps" for Lancaster.



Download Interim Results Road Show Document.


Well spotted Carliol! Who would have known?

You will note that lifts 5, 6 and 7 are in approx’ 450k parcels.

The only questions are; will we be on lift 8 before year end and lift 9 before CMD. I will let you fill in the cumulative values.


Oil produced after the 6th lift was 2.5 million barrels. Currently producing 11,000 bpd and likely a 7th lift before the end of 2019 to give end year production of around 2.8/2.9 million barrels. Not sure what “constrained by system availability” meant unless it refers to the problems faced in July when only one flowline was operational. I hope there are no ongoing problems on the FPSO restricting production. HUR plan an average of 20,000 bpd for most of 2020, I am looking for HUR to ramp up production in Feb 2020.


I look forward to the Lancaster production/operational update by the end of the month. Have flowline problems been overcome, has the FPSO achieved final commissioning? Are the AM gas and processing upgrades ongoing and on schedule, and the WOSP tie back too? When are the two wells going to be opened up to increase production. How much oil will be produced in 2020, 17000 bpd average or 20,000 bpd average? Will there be any drilling on GLA in 2020 or does HUR intend to stick to the planned 2021 three well campaign. Are HUR going to actively seek a farm in partner for GLA, or are they open to an approach to farm in? Or do they intend to go it alone in the hope a bid will materialise?


If the 1300 bopd was natural flow I’m surprised they have given up on it as with the rest of the clean-up still to come and use of pumps I would have thought there might have been the chance of commerciality.


Me too. Fractured basement has been fractured by tectonic forces and these can be broadly grouped into tensile and shear (which will open cracks and fissures) and compressive which if sufficient, will also cause cracking but will not open up fissures and voids. The seismic traces are scrambled by the intervening strata, so it may not be possible to judge where the best places to drill may be and as a result the latest drill may have simply been through a volume which was subjected to largely compressive forces and therefore may have plenty of fine cracks (difficult to clean up) but very few fissures and



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blah, blah, blah, Warwick and Lincoln are as wide as they are long so have they been subjected to the same bending moments, during uplift as Lincoln, which is longer then it is wide?

To save you some time the answer is no!

Is this good for Halifax or not, you tell me?


You appear to think that the shape of the field is determined by the forces to which it has been subjected i.e. if the whole field has been deformed into a single anticline, it must be longer along the axis of the fold.

I am not a geologist but I do know that the basement is very old and that there are many other features which will affect whether oil will be trapped or not e.g horst and graben, which will also affect the resulting shape.

But don’t get stressed, its not your



Yes and why would you not? The forces the field has been subjected to determine its shape.

The more force the greater deformation and the greater amount of fractures.

Say the top surface of the GWA was more or less flat, and it has been uplifted by some 2000m, but remains more or less flat, where are the tension forces you are talking about? There will be some in the flanks where the basement has been deformed, but the centre?


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It is of course obvious that all rocks have been and are still subjected to forces, but that alone does not determine the shape of a field. Movement, especially relative movement which brings a source of oil adjacent to uplifted FB is a very significant determinant of whether oil will enter and be retained within the FB, but even this alone does not determine the shape of the field in plan view. Faults can cut across strata and form field boundaries and these faults will often be independent of the local strata i.e. will cut across them. Such faults can form limits to the oil field e.g. Westray and Brynhild faults.

But perhaps we should just beg to differ, we could end up boring



To keep it real simple how does anything move without a force being applied to it?

Try this, take a wooden stick and bend it through 20% not much happens and it does nor require a great deal of force. Now bend the stick through 90% this requires considerably more force and the stick more then likely breaks.

Generally the more deformed the more force required and granite does not have a great deal of tensile strength unlike wood.

This is simple O-level stuff if you still do not understand google it.


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I have the next (7th) oil lift penciled in for weekend 21st/22nd December. HUR have stated they will provide a Lancaster EPS update in December. Likely they would want to include latest production figures so could we have the update during one of the few market opening days w/c 23/12/19 until year end?