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Quite a few announcements, but the sum of them all will quote… " These transactions will result in a further increase in EPRA net asset value of approximately £1.0 million since 31 December 2016"
Given that the EPRA value at 31-12-2016 was £186 million, adding a further £1 million will not make a lot of difference to the value per share.
The share price has fallen quite considerably recently, I’m beginning to wonder whether they are finding it more difficult to buy good sized sites at the right price with many other companies in the same market space.
This announcement comes just before the year end, so there cannot be much more news to include in the next set of results


and the market’s view is only a partial recovery in the slow decline. But i’m positive about the marketplace they are in; my only concern is companies moving into construction contracts outwith their (original) skill set. The next results will tell us more?


The results should tell us something about the rate of recovery - I don’t think its going to be great. However, it may beat expectations - but how many analysts actually follow INL for that to make difference to the market price? Not enough for Yahoo finance to list any.

Even then, I think some fundamental figures will be down on the previous year, but others will be improved. How the market takes that remains to be seen.

I’m underwater here with an average of around @64p and I’m somewhat resigned to holding through for another year yet at least … with the increasing risk of a general market downturn to come.

That might not hurt INL too much with their social housing contracts, potentially set to increase. With recent events you could easily see a huge amount of money being pumped into that market in a political panic. The trouble is I doubt INL are big enough to get a very large part of that - or able to honestly name completion dates that will win them contracts in such a scenario. They might sell a lot of land at premium prices though…