Level 2



IMO I think we will see the Barc duo slowly increasing the Share Price while they Buy Shares from the Ask.
And I think the same scenario will take place over several days until the SP reaches the Barc duo’s Order Price which I think is in the mid 250’s


Low Trade @ 232.5
High Trade @ 241.5


They walk it down, then up, then down again a tad further & repeat, as their Buying is a little from the Ask but mainly from the Bid

Then they reverse and walk it up, then down, then up again a tad further & repeat, as their Buying is a little from the Bid but mainly from the Ask.

And without Level 2 no one would know what is happening.


Open . . . 239
Low . . . . 234.5
High . . . .241.5


At 8am this morning both the Barc duo appeared as they normally had for the last 32 days, but at 8.15am the BCSI DMM left the Book leaving just BBIS

IMO it’s to early to say that BCSI has finished his Buying and permanently left the Book, but by being AWOL for another one or two days would IMO confirm they have left the Book.

In the meantime BBIS is adequately controlling the top of the Book


Jaws music . . . . drum roll

25,000 @ 247p is on the Yellow Touch


Da Da Da . . da daaa

59 @ 247p Auto Buy


Mid Day UT . . 3,634 @ 247p


Trade high . . . 253.2861

Spread 251----252 . . . Mid 251.5


At 9.22.55 Mr PEEL moved out of the pack under VFIL and moved to 250p on the Bid.

Being the prominent House Broker of the two on the Book since first appointed, PEEL’s movement on the Bid may well be a sign that News of the AGM date may be on the way.

The latest possible date in June for the AGM is Friday the 28th and with 21 days notice being required that makes the 7th June the last possible notification date for a 28th AGM.

As of today there are 15 more days in which to notify the Market, but if Friday is GKP’s preferred day for the AGM, then Friday the 21st June requires a notification date no later than the 31st May with Friday the 14th June requiring notification no later than Friday the 24th May . . 2 days away.

Days other than a Friday AGM will of course change the above dates.

I think I have it right this time but please check


25,000 @ 254 on the touch

Spread 253----254

Now fallen back with its 25,000 intact


The 25,000 @ 254 arrived on the touch and the touched back off, and at 12.02.08 the 25,000 @ 254 was partly involved in the Mid Day Auction with a UT of 830 @ 254 and now has 24,240 @ 254.


Popped through the resistance easy enough and is now sat on top of it.

What it means I ain’t a clue but someone somewhere will. :slight_smile: