Level 2



The Selling to the Bid Orders looks to have reduced a little today while the O trades have increased.

Close . . . . 193.60
Open . . . . 194.40 . . . 1st AT
High . . . . .200.00 . . . 12.17.51 . . AT
Low . . . . . 191.74 . . . 08.07.04 . . OT
MD Auc . . 675 @ 197.20


LSE Vols . . . . 676,267. . . 168
AT trades . . . 90
OT trades . . . 78 . . . 14.03.56

Spread 198----198.6 . . Mid 198.3


Hi Mikey been away a long time due to oil burn in GKP, Afren etc very painful. Now into EV stocks the future I believe. Low oil prices and future prospects I feel are all bearish for the oil explorers but special situations sometimes occur. For example Lekoil’s New Year 100% jump. Noted Baron jumped in on 30 Dec.2019 with a 30 mill share buy in and then Lek announced funding for 310 block exploration on 02 Jan 2020 (Afren’s potential crock of black gold) Any views??


Hi. MacPithy
Lekoil’s been a nice little earner for me this year, two buys and two sells.
I just trade it, buying low selling the news
If it drops back I’ll buy back in possibly around 6p or lower

I no longer watch Afren and being in central Africa I’m wary of Lekoil so don’t like holding to long.


Hi Mikey thanks for responding. Re Lek Well well well. Afren went bust following oil price crash and a corrupt CEO and COO with a court case still to go on 17 Jan 2020. Made the GKP court fiasco look tame as they tried to extract $45 mill to the Caribbean. Now a con artist firm has stung Lek for $600k smells fishy very fishy. Lek are sitting on Afren’s significant oil discovery and now are a bit of a lame duck with very near term commitments and liabilities (Feb 2020) with virtually nil cash in the bank. Takeover target or a cheap asset sale very much on the cards IMHO. Any view.? PS Baron bought in to 30mill shares on Jan 1 before this all kicked off!!! I think there are sharks in the water.


Hi MacP.
There are sharks everywhere and you may well be correct with Lek.
For certain I’ll keep an eye on it and get back in when I think its right