Lift off!



Put in a higher high at the back end of last year. looks like we have just put in a higher low. Downtrend of last 2 years over and new uptrend begun - that’s how it looks anyway.


Well I’ve done my bit Kalan, with a few gentle nudges over the course of yesterday and today, but the volume is suggestive of institutional investors adding to their pile. Maybe Miton or one of the two family trusts who also took part in the placing. Look out for some more TR1’s if they pass the 3% mark or Miton cross another threshold.




Yes the buys are in rounded amounts of shares rather than rounded amounts of money which could indicate institutions or individuals building a large holding. Good luck with your investment ToT - it all seems set up for success now (seems).


I’m on a roll at the moment Kalan, what with VRS, RENE and now JLP. If JLP doesn’t move above 3p when the quarterlies are issued I will be very surprised, with the company so clearly on a growth trajectory now.




Long may it last ToT - holding tight to my WRES and SAVP as well as JLP - not been good for a while in all 3 but been adding and waiting for the turn around in all 3 - very optimistic for the next 3 months in all 3. Will have a look at RENE.


Had a quick look at charts and indicators for RENE - excellent call ToT but I won’t be wading in after the ship has sailed - will have another look when it is sailing a bit closer to port again.


I don’t blame you Kalan. I’ve sold half but keeping the rest in case this rise is based on some corporate activity which has yet to be announced.


Well now we know who was responsible for the recent volume with Quantock increasing their stake from 3.23 to 7.8%, noting that the date at which the threshold was crossed is today. It is very re-assuring to have both them and Miton on board as neither is likely to be a seller in the short to medium term and along with the two family trusts that took part in the placing that reduces the free float here considerably.

We can also safely assume that the downward pressure from the BMR sales has now ended. Ergo, after the PI profit taking which kicked in today when the stock hit technical resistance has finished the SP should resume it’s upward momentum in the run up to the quarterlies and hopefully well beyond imo.

Had a little dip into WRES today so I am open to any intel from other holders going forward and will be watching for a volume increase prior to adding.

Good luck all,



Hi ToT

Agree that Miton & Quantock both increasing thier holding over and above that required to keep their pre-placing percentages in tact is a very good sign. Onwards and upwards over the course of this year for JLP.

Re:WRES, i think we may still be around the current SP for another couple of months there, but once we get confirmation of start of full scale production on La Parilla, then the re-rate will start. Expect WRES SP to be comfortably over 1p by year end, and then to double again next year as financial results start to reveal the true value. Am hoping to add more in my SIPP in next couple of weeks.



Hi dk, I see that Platinum has just surpassed its 6 month high and it’s now really starting to look like the seven year downtrend has ended. Ergo when JLP issues its quarterlies I think it is going to get a lot of attention and I think we can expect more of the free float being absorbed by II’s as the new commodity cycle develops.

Sold the rest of my RENE on this morning’s spike and dipped another toe into WRES. I’ll wait patiently for it to develop some momentum now prior to adding a more significant tranche and will also add some more JLP if there is any price weakness ahead of the quarterlies.




Agree on JLP - dip then rise but good DCM figures needed to clear the 3.1p hurdle.
WRES -Pretty much in line with your thinking Dkok - my thoughts are a rise sooner then a couple of months having looked at the charts - initial target of 0.8p rather than 1p and then onto 1.5p/1.6p as production figures hit the bottom line.
Prefer it if you are right though.


Hi Kalan,

I’m thinking that any dip on JLP will be pretty small. What’s needed is for the RSI to get back in its box, and a few more days around these levels or just below that should do the trick and provide fuel for the next leg up. Agree that DCM figures need to be good but I think that Platcro will surprise to the upside from what I was told in the briefing for the placing, and that should do the trick to get us over the 3.1p barrier.

Logically WRES should start to rise sooner or later in anticipation of the production figures. Happy to wait for that and add once momentum starts to build, volume being pants at the moment.




A lot of mistrust around JLP and WRES from past placings and not delivering (a bit unfair on Leon at JLP I think) - once production starts then WRES will certainly move up and will probably start beforehand - some will wait for the finances to start becoming transparent which should give us the second leg up as dkok suggested - let’s hope both companies stick to the plan and deliver cash into the bank. Further revenue streams available for both to go at for the long term holder. 2 years and 1 month is my timeframe for investing apart from a few shares for a hobby.


ToT & Kalan

Another share to have a look at is Strategic Minerals. For an Aim co. it is a rarity in that the board are fully aligned with shareholders in terms of substantial shareholdings, they have a profitable income in Cobre, which is self funding the purchase and re-start of the Leigh Creek copper mine in Australia which has just started loading the circuits for leaching copper, they have found potentially very high grades of copper in easily open pittable area, so three months or so should see a second income stream coming on line.

They also have a highly prospective Nickel, Cobalt and rare earth elements property at Hans Camp in Australia which is undergoing drilling and analysis, funded internally from Cobre sales. Added to that they have now got the largest undeveloped tin mine by resource in the world at Redmoor (Cornwall).

All in all the BoD pretty much do exactly what they say they will do, they are not diluting the F*** out of existing shareholders, and are currently at around 1.65p to buy, with the potential to go to 6 to 7p within two to three years. The BoD have share options at 5.5p, 7.5p and 10.5p, so it is within thier interests to get it there, which will also benefit existing shareholders. And the final icing on the cake is that pretty much all of thier assets are in stable low corruption political durisdictions.

This is not a ramp, just passing on what I belive is possibly the most solid Aim share ‘In the Wooorrrllld’ for you guys to have a gander at. I know you would DYOR anyway.




Good late TR1 notification yesterday that we have a new major shareholder who has taken over 9% of the enlarged shareholding via the placing. A very solid wedge to put behind company, so we now have 20% of the company owned by just three investors. I would suspect that there may be further TR1’s over the coming weeks, as I suspect there may be some that are just sub 3%, that will be topping up in this slight pull back.

As you note, the RSI easing a little over the course of a few days will underpin the next leg up, which I think will come over the next week or two in the run up to the quarterlies.



Hi dk,

Looking back at my notes from the placing briefing I know see that they referred to two ‘family offices’ having bought into the placing. Yesterday’s was obviously one of them and I know that the other is US based. Maybe they did not take enough to get over the 3% threshold, but I suspect they have continued stakebuilding with some decent buys going through again today and 3p now paid for the latest tranche.

This activity does of course maintain the RSI at a fairly high level, but when a stock is undergoing a re-rating the RSI can go through the roof and I’d like to think that is what will happen when the quarterlies are issued given the current strength of the sp and renewed uupward momentum.

Re: SML I was in it a few years back when the theme was constant dilution. I therefore made my exit with my shirt partly intact on a spike. Good to see that it is now becoming self funding though. I’ll take another look at it when time and funding permit.

Meanwhile Platinum goes ever higher, and now closing in on that one year high, whilst Palladium looks like it 's starting to bounce from its recent and long overdue pull back. Happy days for JLP investors.





Agree re: Pt and Pd price action. Suspect it is part of a long overdue return to the upswing cycle in commodity/metals prices.

Have been in SML for a couple of years now from a low at I think 0.67 all the way up to 3.3p, with various top slices. Have bought back in and am roughly at break even at current value, but it is a very different company now than a few years back. The BoD have done a lot of work to become profitable, and fund expansion via a self funded route. There have been a couple of placings but only for accretive purposes, and those are now a matter of two months or so of starting to significantly increase the companies’ income and therefore profitability.

I know what you are saying about the RSI on JLP, but I think we are in a re-rate position, or more accurately a return to the SP that we were at before the Kabwe/BMR purchase, which has been a year or so of pain, but which now seems to be coming out of the other side, and if all goes to plan, will be well worth the pain and disruption for the future beneficial impact for the long suffering shareholders.

As of now I am technically in profit on JLP, which I haven’t been able to say for well over a year, so long may the re-rate continue till we get to a fair value.



Looks like my gradual investment & hold of JPL shares is finally going to pay off, not that I intend selling them any time soon. Like Kalan, I’ve been attracted to the prospects of JLP for some time & they have invested wisely given their knowledge & technology.


Good to see you in here still HPC - fingers crossed patience is about to be rewarded. Trying to dig up a video by a woman predicting 9p and or 10.5p for JLP if they cleared 3.07p if memory serves. She was very excited about the prospects for JLP from the charts - was about a year ago.
Thanks for tip on SML dkok - don’t know where I will get the cash unless JLP goes bananas and forces me to take some profits - will check it out anyway - sounds like the type of situation I prefer.
Also thanks ToT for sharing placing knowledge (after the event and rightly so).
Just approaching break even for my shares this calendar year which includes writing off FRR share value - which may rise from the flames - you never know - no more from me on that one - it brings out the worst in me!


Found it at 6min 42 secs in
Gives target of 15.9p from Nichola.
The short term indicators are out of date as it’s from April last year but the targets shold still be relevant.