Lift off!



Hi dk, I added a good bit more than that in two tranches yesterday. I should just confirm though that Shard did not have a draft RNS in front of them yesterday when we spoke. They just confirmed that they stand by the two broker notes and price targets issued with a steady growth trajectory in production. So the way I see it is that the quarterlies should not disappoint and should help convince the market that JLP is growing as a significant producer. That’s good enough for me and it seems that some were just panic selling as the pull back gathered momentum.

Tomorrow it is then unless they make us wait until Tuesday for maximum impact.




Hi ToT

Agree that the pull back is probably just a bit of profit taking after the relatively rapid run up from 2.25p, so probably very good for the SP to take a breather. My decision ti invest further is based solely on me being comfortable that on a three to five year timescale, the investment will be in multiples of where we currently are, based on the project pipeline and current state of maturity of them. Have 1M shares outside SIPP, but felt I would use the current pull back to add some in the SIPP as well for the long term.

My money is on a 4:25pm RNS tomorrow for the quarterlies. That would give everyone a long weekend to work themselves up into a frenzy ready for trading on Tuesday!

Have a good Easter & glta


Hi dk,

I hope you had a good Easter. For my sins I spent the whole of it giving my boat its annual out of the water overhaul and it’s knocked the stuffing out of me, but it was nice to see buyers re-emerging this afternoon ahead of the update which is now expected tomorrow. If it’s good I expect volumes here to go through the roof over the rest of the week given the institutional and HNWI interest that the company has now attracted. A proper re-rating should then take place which could see the sp smash through the resistance at 3.8 , but I think that will look like no more than a molehill in the years to come given the growth trajectory that the company has clearly embarked upon.



A bit off topic, but I think that people are moving away from this site nowadays and most that I see are using LSE. Just an observation but today’s posts on the threads I regularly visit have been zero apart from Tot’s on here.


Quality not quantity jaytee.
Having said that there has been some good exchange of information and clearing up of misconceptions on LSE today and without the often seen animosity.


The Lift off (results) looks as if it’s being delayed. “Houston, do we have a problem”


This aft jaytee. The delay to now could have been to add in extra good news!!


Tempted to add a couple of k but been let down a lot in the past.


Know what you mean - topped up by putting in 60% of my free cash in 3 tranches but held the other 40% back in case of disappointment - it is hard to see how they will disappoint but it hasn’t stopped them, particularly Colin, in the past.


Well against my better judgement and reading various posts on here and LSE I’ve added another £1500. Yes Mr Bird sounds like a dodgy dealer lol


Well no RNS today but I am assured that is simply because they are so busy with everything which is going on and Leon being hands on with the metallurgy and all that. However it is expected to arrive 'imminently ’ which I took to be no later than the end of this week.



Cheers ToT


Hi Tot

Currently away for the Easter break on a walking holiday in the Peak District. Cracking weather, great walking and some top notch real ale. JLP seems to have had an Easter break as well, but hopefully will, like myself, be refreshed and hot to trot in the very near future.



Lovely part of the world dk. I went there on a geology field trip at the tender age of 17 and visited the Blue John mine (and a few pubs too after walking the hills). Having had no RNS today I’m now hoping they put it off until Monday for maximum impact. It wouldn’t suprise me if some interviews were also being lined up so I am looking forward to a rise of at least 1p and hopefully more over the course of several days, just like we had after the interims were released.

There’s some minor chart resistance around 3.7 but I’d like to think of that becoming a new support level once this has played out, then onward to tackle 4.5p as further news emerges from the various projects and/or Platinum and Palladium start to reach new highs. Looking to 10p plus here going into next year though as long as there are no hiccups at any of the plants.




Palladium looks like it is on the 4th (down) wave of a 5 wave pattern that should take it to $2000 and Platinum has rested back after breaking out of a very long downtrend - both look bullish to me.
Had my first pint in Derbyshire in a pub in Hope at age 17. Theakstone’s Old Peculiar. Only an hour from where I live - used to catch the bus out there from Sheffield.


That’s an amazing co-incidence Kalan as I first encountered Old Peculiar on that trip too, and got another taste of it on a subsequent field trip to Ingleton in the Pennines. The Hill Inn up near Ingleborough stands out in my memory, and I paid a return visit on the way back from the Lake District a few years ago only to find out that it was closed for the day. Highly recommended though if you find yourself up that way.

I concur with your assessment of the metals and once Platinum breaks that one year high at around $925 it should really be off to the races, with more hot money coming in here on the back of it.




Nice to see the posters enjoying some real ale. Not sure if Brains is real ale down your area ToT. I’m a Sam Smiths guy myself. The owner Humphrey Smith is a wierdo but the ale is good and very very cheap. Now where is the JLP RNS


Can’t beat a good pint of Brains SA Jaytee, but sadly they seem to have far less pubs than they used to so I have to go into Cardiff if I want to sup it these days.

Sampled Sam Smith’s for the first time on the school trips up North I mentioned above and very nice it was too. Can only get it around here in bottles though so not quite the same.

Going out for the afternoon now so the RNS might just emerge now :slight_smile:


Ah the school Geology trip to Malham - takes me back - not far from Ingleton - we did a mapping exercise of the River Twiss area on the Ingleton Waterfall walk - Thornton Force, the Snowy falls and the Beasley falls if I remember rightly and not to forget the oolitic limestone of the Yoredale facies. Holding hands with Luscious Lynne so that she wouldn’t fall as we descended the valley. Happy days.

Have taken two trips of school kids to Ingleton as a teacher too - the outdoor pool was an experience plus taking 20 lads up Ingleborough.

Had a late lunch in Barnsley and my first (and last) old time Wurlitzer organ recital but the nice real ale made up for it.

No rns but hey ho it’s all a matter of time. Time for a nap.


I’m a Sheffield boy myself and the Hope valley was my playground as a youngster. The pub in Hope had a real ale festival on over the Easter weekend. Much Old Peculiar was partaken of, along with a few others. Sam Smiths Teddy Porter, hmmmm! The first letter of your Psuedonym wouldn’t happen to be your phonetic surname would it?