I agree that the cash should be put to better use - perhaps we need impress on the management the need to see the business as having two divisions (a) property services (which is nicely profitable given the capital used), and (b) cash that should be generating a return.
I will not touch miners or oil/gas. A mine is a big hole with a liar at the top! (Mark Twain, I think) How can you trust the valuations. Many mines and oil fields go from large valuation to zero overnight as the cost of extraction exceed the market price of the product.
If you would like to consider some more NCAV, I have written about some at


Agree the cash needs to earn an adequate return or be returned one way or another to shareholders.

Also agree about difficulty in valuing mining assets but with some oil explorers Mr Market is valuing the assets at zero or close to that but the problem I suppose is the cash is not a separate surplus asset but is steadily declining as it is consumed by the business.

Thank you for alerting me to your very interesting website and the stocks you have identified which I shall look at further.


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How the big players transfers YOUR money into THEIR money !

Davide Serra,
Chief fund manager and banking adviser to the Govt wants the FCA to investigate!

Ever wondered why your investments often go down, even on GOOD NEWS ?

IT is estimated that over 90% of AIM stocks are INFECTED by short-sellers !

Many highly popular stocks are going down even when the news is positive !

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