Market Cap , un-effected by Market Maker shorts closing



Seen these sell trades over last week or two of quite some size with no effect to share price and yet a few tidy buy’s have real time ASK up and currently 1.11p /share . Coming closer to news by the day with Monday February 3rd being assumed day for Q4 2019 alluvial profits release day from Sino 2 , owing to XTR gold now being sold in Dubai .

Weathers been showery with storms in Manica with reasonable temperature . Thankfully no cyclones this year to worry about Q1 2020 alluvial processing which was so badly affected by flooding around the coastline of Mozambique 2019 .

News of copper processing in Zambia could come at anytime and probably a good reason for Market Makers to close shorts in open market which long term holder have seem them do many times before . Aye , they caught a few novices out doing that one being buriedtreasure from L.S.E. fame who followed the sells with his own holding costing him a lot of money being suckered in by MM games .


Appears to me Market Maker shorts are now closed with the recent share price drop on very low volumes . Similar patterns have been seen many times before with MM’s chasing stops , shaking out newbies before news arrives via RNS .

It doesn’t take much research to see the spike from 0.75p /share on 22nd May 2019 to 2.06p /share on 23rd July 2019 at which point shorts probably went on . I sold half my holding in that spike which I haven’t bought back but then profit got banked outside my trading account believing share price was going higher than 2.06p /share . Alas that was my 100k / share tranche sold that day that appeared as a buy which made which on reflection makes me realise shorts were going on . Little spikes since have seen pull backs after large sell trades appear on low volume , MM’s closing shorts open market .

I’m happy with the holding I’ve got and would be exceptionally lucky to buy the trading tranche of 100k shares I sold at 1.088p /share on 10th January 2020 at 12:00hrs but none to worried if I don’t . Since the Market Makers are chasing stops , tree shaking I might get lucky . Hum … three trading tranches in hand already a fourth may prove to be very profitably in a short space of time … :slight_smile: