Mumsnet / Women -what do they want?



Well, I thought I’d add mumsnet to my internet history too.

The problem with Erectile Dysfunction is it is NOT just a man’s problem… It is also the partner’s problem and the medication that is available on the market does not address this need.
Women these days are becoming much more bolder and are prepared to “initiate” things… Unfortunately sometimes they could do with a helping hand but that is not available at the moment…

I honestly feel it’s a huge market that deserves some more research.

Whilst scanning through Mumsnet I came across the following accounts… This is just the tip of the iceberg but I don’t have time to post all the accounts… Feel free to take a read yourself… but just to give you an idea… check the following accounts out

“I’m posting here because this is something that I can’t talk about to friends etc.
My bf has erectile dysfunction. It was a year before we were able to have sex. Things were ok for a while, then we had a couple of times where it ‘failed’. He now won’t even try as he is so embarrassed if it doesn’t work. I don’t know how long I can be in a relationship where there is no intimacy. I don’t like to instigate anything at the moment as I don’t want to make him feel uncomfortable and make him do anything he is not ready for. I also can’t deal with the thought of being rejected because he doesn’t want to.”

The above women didn’t want to instigate anything as she didn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable…. If however they were using the gel, things may have been different… she could have instigated things and he could have used that as part of foreplay and therefore nothing out of the ordinary

Here’s another account

“ED has been a feature of our relationship on & off for years but has really set in now and we haven’t had a satisfying bonk for 12 months. Have tried cialis and it worked but we are both reluctant to rely on drugs permanently. Any good books I can read? I end up feeling responsible for resuscitating his “dying” willy and find it v difficult to talk about it with each other although we have usually communicative relationship. Feel I want to “fix” him and don’t know what to do.”

The above lady even tried Cialis and it worked but they are reluctant to try drugs. She also wants to fix it for him…. Well well well, may I hand you a tube of Eroxon… Be careful though… the 0.6% dose may cause whiplash of the penis…

Here’s another case

“Have been married over 20 years to a wonderful man. We have always had a close relationship both mentally and physicaly. Recently have had problems with ED. Although, looking back I guess this has been coming on over time. Have been to the GP and have been perscribed Levitra. Other health investiations are ongoing. The Levitra works but obvioulsy takes spontanaity out of things. So if we go for a planned session everything is fine, perhaps we should consider ourselves lucky.”

This women is after spontaneous sex which is not possible

Fear not… Eroxon will do the job… Be careful though… the 0.6% dose once applied to the penis may cause the penis to blowout any candles you have …

Joking aside - the above very small snapshot of a large number of posts just tells you the market is crying out for something…fear not ladies… we have something that should be available soon.

Futura Medical need to address this population group…
I won’t go surfing on mumsnet any further…I think the above makes the point very well from the horses mouth so to speak!!


Maybe try rubbing some in the share price and see if you can get it to rise!