My LLOY share buys & leveraged long positions collated



Share buys at 64.58, 65.16 & 66.78 (divi taken on latter).

Leveraged long positions at 62.93, 63.22, 63.68 & 63.90.

4 longs to be closed in 2’s at a time, as before. The 3 shares tranches I’ll see. Maybe all at same SP closer to resistance at 73+. So there won’t be clutter. All will be settled in this thread.

Trades collated for my quick reference. This because all previous trades, buys & longs, added to thread titles, now DELETED by iii’s new layout. All were posted live here (also on BARC+) & referred to somewhere inside various threads. However, it’ll be time-consuming to find them when closing live trades.

As I posted them here with reasons, out of basic integrity, I’ll also post closures with reasons.

I remain very bullish on LLOY for later. Just depends on getting a good Brexit & avoiding another early GE.

Now, after making a number of critical posts about iii’s new site elsewhere, bar closing my trades, I’ll take a break to see if iii’s cluttered discussion BBs can be improved. Will catch others posts & give credits.

Of some hope: iii recently added banners for “research” & “trade” visible on all BBs. Former gives quicker access to SPs, charts, news. That’s a slight improvement. So we’ll see what follows over the weeks ahead. - GLA.


Not looking good. Very few new posts and the discussions are not of any great interest.


Buy at 62.29. Added a 4th & final tranche of shares to those positions as above. Cautiously bullish for LLOY’s delivering another progressive report tomorrow. However, if higher SP not seen soon, it’s also a stock I’m prepared to hold longer term.

But any spike to circa 65+ & I’ll take at least some profits. - GLA.


you are buying shares
and SB Long as well.

whats your game there ?
I ask because I would (am not intelligent) in my case
buy shares
and short SB to hedge against any loss.
which is happening to SP.


BrownAdder sorry to be going of subject

Is it you posting on the LSE board as well under the user name Brownadder :slight_smile:


That’s me, INDEEDY !


Hi BrownAdder,

Quite so, but mind that nothing hastily added. Some shares were added before XD. Longs have been added as other SBs settled at profit, for eg. in ITV, BT, IQE, et al. That lot posted live on respective BBs.

I’d only short in extreme circumstances. For eg. long positions closed below L/T support, but on high volume & so look likely to tank further. Or if a GE looks imminent.

I’m content to hold shares for longer-term if higher targets aren’t seen. Rough targets for shares are 65+ to 73+ longer-term resistance. - All 4 of my SB longs might be settled at only 64+.

Even if we go down tomorrow, I’ll not be too concerned about seeing better days later & settling all these positions at profit. - Regards.


That makes sense Jackdawson, was just curious


Hi Regardless,

I’ve posted on LSE’s BARC BB recently & before that on CNA when I held that a few months ago. Naturally, same alias. But WTF is going on with LLOY’s BB on LSE these days? On some days it seems that even if there are scores of posts, about two posters are trying to talk down everyone else. That’s not open debate, but closer to a form of obsessive compulsive disorder. - Regards.


Hello Jack

Hows it going mate

yeah I saw your post on the LSE BARC board…

You know most of the time, I don’t take much notice

but Yep I agree, the LSE Lloyds Bill Board certainly has some characters, to be honest Its all going over my head recently , all this Brexit stuff etc

Saying all that there is the odd top poster ( nutter) I like called ''SUFCESSEX ‘’ talks sense and they on top poster list :wink:


Well done. Let me also congratulate you on your BT gains.

I actually played a very similar strategy when I started out trading stocks for a living. I could take 3-5% gains with a 90% success rate. The problem always came when something went against me and I took the view that it was “a good investment”. It’s really a question of risk/reward. I’m not sure where your long term BT holding are, but, if they are 297, 275 and you allow it to get to 201.25, then taking 5 or 10% gains on longs, then holding the rest for the long term isn’t going to cut it.

I’m not trying to be critical, rather, trying to ascertain where you pull the plug. Or are you like Soi, who uses SB to protect against the downside?


Hi Mac,

Thanks! I’m all out of BT after a VG run over the past year. After a while, be it technically, fundamentally or for both factors, after a good cumulative run has ended, I gladly move on. Either to other stocks, or until the next sharp reversals. Like many traders, I never become too attached to a stock.

Would happily sell all my BARC & LLOY this week if profits are there. In fact, I’ve reduced some of my BARC today on the rise.

Also, I was entirely leveraged with BT. So I wanted to take any gains & exit before ESMA margin increases kicked in this week, if only to free up significant margin for other trades. For equities, margin has risen from 4% to a significant 20%.

Like with CNA, I also don’t fancy BT longer-term from recent highs due to, rightly or wrongly, increasing public perception of rip-off prices, leading to ongoing customer exits. The more customers leave, the greater the pressure to put up prices & so on. It can be a vicious cycle. There was also BT’s huge pension deficit. So I was glad to take my gains, bar a small hit of just under 2 pts on my final long. - Regards.


Added another SB at 61.45. A 5th & final SB long in LLOY, along with 4 tranches of shares, all as posted above. Reasons as before. - GLA.


wow early trade ! you’ve some balls to face the early market ! good luck


Thanks. Support still intact here. Lowest LLOY close for many months was about 61.36 seen in June. Slightly lower closes than that go back to September last year.

But in worst-case scenario of support levels being lost with huge volume, then I won’t add more, but just sit tight. - Regards.


I am unsure which close data you are looking at. The lowest close this year was 61.24 on June 25th. The lowest close in 2017 was 62.20 on April 18th. You have to go back to December 2016 to get a lower close.

My source data are those given on the LLOY website under price download.

We have the XD date coming up shortly, when the sp will shed 1.07p, although some of this might be recovered before the close.



Thanks for clarification. Appreciated, as with your other informative posts re LLOY’s share buyback, et al, on other threads.

With being in a rush earlier, I’d merely glanced at Yahoo Finance & cited the “adjusted close” as opposed to the standard one. As you’ll know, only occasionally these tend to be slightly lower &, purely as a personal preference, I sometimes use them as they give me an extra margin of leeway when factoring in mid-to-longer term lows & support levels. - Regards.


Long at 55.41. A 6th add to 5 other longs as posted here from 61.45 up to 63.90. Also hold lots of LLOY shares as posted.

Most of the selling is down to poor sentiment & Brexit fears. Little else. Otherwise this would be at least 70+. Looking well ahead, I remain very optimistic of seeing those levels again in 2019 & much higher post-PPI. Targets on SBs remain much lower than for shares. - GLA.


“Most of the selling is down to poor sentiment and Brexit fears. Little else.”

How do you know that? I’m not saying you could not be correct, but, if the broader market sells off, do you actually think this is going to buck the trend? If you were running a Long/Short fund, you would short this. This has been falling for 11months. What is the path of least resistance? For 11 months you have had buyers and sellers who agree what the price is. You know the market is is price discounting mechanism. To say without Brexit or poor sentiment the price would be at least 70p is pure speculation.


Hi Mac,

I did write specifically regarding my targets, quote: “Looking well ahead”. Clear enough I think.

If we look at the SP falls for most UK banks & other sectors in FTSE, they mostly coincide with a sharp increase in negative sentiment around Brexit. You say, “at least 70p is pure speculation”. That too is a form of questioning speculation. Key difference is: no disrespect intended, talk is talk. As I’m financially involved in LLOY, naturally I’ve carefully looked at longer-term technicals & fundamentals, including forecasts post-PPI. Hence my steadfast confidence for later, regardless of current trends as swayed by certain macro-factors.

As for what funds are shorting this? Academic to me. Funds have added this year, others have sold.
Frankly, I wouldn’t give the latter any serious mind as regards my targets for later. Technically & fundamentally I’m as sure about this reaching my targets as I could be with anything involved in markets.

New major fund activity for LLOY over just this year below. Very mixed picture. Some are very bullish, others not so. What’s new? - Regards.