NEW ARTICLE: Next clueless as shares crash



“The storm clouds gathered over a host of high street retail stocks Wednesday following LSE:NXT:Next’s warning that recent sales trends have been “extremely volatile”.With Next regarded as a bellwether for UK fashion, jittery investors needed no …”


Is it time for Next to change the Team?


““Is it time for Next to change the Team?””"

I suspect not. The reality is the toughness of the market and the presence (or lack thereof) of shoppers in physical shops rather than sat in front of a laptop.
It is surprising that they have opened some larger stores, but perhaps they see a resurgent high street / mall shopper at some point.
At least the online growth is pretty respectable and it’s still making a lot of money – just less than it was.

The shares are surely still cheap, because the share community thinks all the high street is going to close tomorrow – when it’s probably a little over dramatised.

Games – just added some today at 4443