O T Global Warming? Are We Being Conned?




CO2, less than 1%, despite all mans efforts.

Climate Change is nothing more than another effort on human control and taxation.

Yes climate changes happen, but im in the camp then man most probably has less than -1%-0% effect on things.
We maybe are polluters, but not climate changers.


Be prepared to be slagged off for telling the truth w.

The answer is water vapour by the way. 75% of greenhouse effect is caused by water vapour. Its all in the Steve Goreham lecture above.


N2 isn’t a greenhouse gases, neither is O2 or Ar
H2O CO2 CH4 N2O O3 CFC and HCFC are!
Should also note that different gases have different effects.
CH4 is x80 more effective than CO2 for example, also some gases persist for a longer time than others, increasing the effect.
Point is, changing the natural balance of gases, has a net effect of warming the atmosphere also changing ocean alkalinity (as oceans absorb CO2).

More relavent down 3.3% today :frowning:


Good Evening Everyone,

Since I started the above subject heading I haven’t had the time or the opportunity to make a post on this subject which is clearly contentious to the nth degree.

A few years ago, when global warming and climate change were starting to be fashionable subjects of conversation and the seeds were being sown which have resulted in today’s constant barrage of information and fake news on these perceived man made catastrophes, I attended a series of lectures on G W & C C. These lectures were taken by an eminent academic and his first statement was - and I quote:-

" I’m not an expert on G W & C C and neither is anyone else. The reason is that it covers such a wide range of the earth sciences that it is impossible for any one person to be an expert in Oceanography, Meteorology, Climatology, Geology, Astronomy, Environmental Science etc etc."

He also went on to say that there are so many people whose job depends on G W & C C that by having a vested interest in such subjects that they do everything they can to perpetuate the current " climate " regarding G W & C C.

I recall a few years ago some academics at Norwich Uni were found to be putting out false data to support their theories on G W & C C.

I think it’s worth noting that all the news items, particularly from the BBC, are all about the negative aspects of G W & C C. They never give a balanced view and everything they broadcast is doom and gloom.

If there is G W & C C perhaps mankind has no solution to the problem but the politicians say they have, Perhaps it’s our vote they want and they don’t give a toss about the subjects. Perhaps there are too many people on the planet? If so, why don’t the politicians promote birth control? Perhaps they haven’t the balls to say so.

I often think that mankind must be the most arrogant species on the third rock from the sun if they think they can control the temperature and climate of the Earth.

My opinion on G W & CC is that the jury is still out and only time will tell.

I try to keep an open mind on the subject but a few people I know are totally convinced that the end of the world is nigh. When I ask them why - they reply - " Don’t you watch the news?"



Evening Carpiol…I understand that the BBC reports the evidence from the vast majority of experts, as you correctly point out, across many individual disciplines. The evidence is so overwhelming that it is no longer a debatable subject, hence the BBC report a coherent science based view.

It’s important to debunk views not based of scientific evidence. Not sure when your lecture took place (maybe 30yrs ago?) It would be interesting to take the view of the lecturer after possibly three decades.


Well said cwmtawe,

The scientific evidence supporting climate change is now overwhelming. The only debatable point is about how long it will take to seriously disrupt life on earth, human and animal. We are already seeing this happen. Inevitably as life in the tropics becomes ever more difficult the people who live there will try to move to places with more temperate climates while even those places become more difficult to sustain their ways of life.

I can understand why oil investors are so resistent to the climate change evidence but they are like modern day King Canutes.

All the best,

Frog in a tree


Hello C T,

The lectures I attended were about five or six years ago and he gave his reasons why he wasn’t soley convinced re G W & C C. One was simply that many people confuse weather with climate change.

I recall several very hot summers around 1975 76 77 and some extremely cold winters in the early 1960. No one talked about G W & CC then.

Also some relations in Canada said last winter was the coldest winter in decades.

As I said, I think the jury is still out and I think it will take many years, probably many decades or even longer before it can be said that climate change is with us good and proper.

On a lighter note, G W & C C isn’t happening here in Cumbria. It always rains incessantly, it always has done and always will.

However, forgetting about G W & C C. What’s gone wrong with our share price and when is our share going to see positive movement?



Science in never 100% fact, sometimes nothing more that one or just a few peoples opinions based on some studies at a particular time. Which more often than not are proved incorrect.

Im always a great believer in who ever pays the piper plays the tune, so most science results are based on the outcome that future funding for more projects will yeild.

My opinion is Climate Change is total rubbish,
and Green energy is nothing more than a simple programme to perpetuate the lie of Climate change.
I also have to say im not against Green energy, alternative energy is a more suitable name.


Hi Cariol
Oh only 5-6yrs thats interesting. I first became aware of the then GW/CC debate in the early 1980’s, hence my assumption.

Yes, always makes me laugh when I hear reference to climate change just cause we’ve had a warm spell, similarly a cold winter being used to debunk CC :wink:

West coast weather, rain, rain and more rain…it’s just liquid sunshine !

I’m rather disappointed by the share price too…was rather hoping HUR would be pushing the 70p mark before the year end, that’s looking a long way off.

Good luck all, especially me :slight_smile:


Hello W B S,

It’s interesting to note that you have mentioned Green Energy or as you prefer, Alternative Energy.

Most of our electric is from renewable sources. It’s worth commenting on the cost of electric versus gas.

A kilo watt hour of electric costs 12.86p and a kilo watt hour of gas costs 2.829p.( EDF)

I wonder how many consumers realise that the cost of green energy far exceeds the cost of gas because of the money needed to construct facilities to produce green energy.



UK price of wind generated electric was less than 5p/kWh last week, still more than gas but continues to dropping as the technology improves


“Science is never 100% fact…more often than not proved to be incorrect” interesting opinion :smiley:


Maybe a better way to put it is, that scientists & or governments are not always correct.

Its only 20 years since Diesel cars were the way ahead.

To clarify, I have oil investments, and windfarm investments both.


Okay…to clarify I have a large diesel car, oil investments and no direct windfarm investments.




No you will not find this on the BBC.

I agree with one of the comments that it is only a matter of time before the man made climate change bubble bursts. Other recent features on the above are very interesting.


Are you an ostrich bobsson?

Frog in a tree


I agree with one of the comments that it is only a matter of time before the man made climate change bubble bursts.

Unfortunately we don’t live long enough to find out!

CO2 constitutes only 407 ppm but…

‘In fact, the last time the atmospheric CO2 amounts were this high was more than 3 million years ago, when temperature was 2°–3°C (3.6°–5.4°F) higher than during the pre-industrial era, and sea level was 15–25 meters (50–80 feet) higher than today.

Carbon dioxide concentrations are rising mostly because of the fossil fuels that people are burning for energy. Fossil fuels like coal and oil contain carbon that plants pulled out of the atmosphere through photosynthesis over the span of many millions of years; we are returning that carbon to the atmosphere in just a few hundred years.’

It is pretty obvious that with us burning fossil fuel and cutting down nature’s CO2 capture devices i.e. trees with their annual autumnal return of carbon to the soil, the CO2 is bound to rise. But when faced with the choice of walking rather than driving, staying warm by being physically active etc, we would rather enjoy using fossil fuel now rather than saving it for future



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C’mon getting information from “The God Squad” !


Another flat Earth thread!

The question is whether such stupid opinions are due to poor education, childish wannabelievism or that a segment of society has fallen behind in the evolutionary process?