O T Global Warming? Are We Being Conned?



From Wikepedia:

Throughout its history, The Washington Times has been known for its conservative political stance.[6][7][8][9] It has drawn controversy for publishing racist content, including commentary and conspiracy theories about United States president Barack Obama[10][11] and support for neo-Confederatism.[12] It has published material promoting Islamophobia.[13] It has published many columns which reject the scientific consensus on climate change,[14][15][16] as well as on ozone depletion[17] and on the harmful effects of second-hand smoke.[18][19]

Says it all really.

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Unfortunately, some investors get obsessed with their special interest. I think that the climate change deniers on this thread are essentially oil enthusiasts who feel threatened by the climate change science. If they ignore it they will get burned along with the rest of us.


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…still, it’s really funny reading some of these attempts to justify a view.:joy:


“You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows”

Despite the best efforts of climate change deniers, it is interesting to note that that oil majors like Shell and BP are ramping up their investments into sustainable energy. They know where this thing is blowing…

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Clearly what is needed now is another Genghis Khan to cool the climate and weed out the dross flat Earthers:




That’s where the “So what?” factor kicks in. You can believe whatever nonsense you like what it won’t change the facts.

Its better to stop lying to yourself and wake up to the realities of the world. You just might end up being richer that way.




SBK, You are a blast from the past! I cannot remember which company thread you trashed. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I do not have a clue what you are talking about.


Reading not one of your strong points then eh, Bob?

Apart from spanking daft climate change deniers I’ve always been around bashing Brexiteers on the Brexit Wars thread.




Maybe he meant the BP thread where we had some interesting debates with outright racists like RAFT and Lolabe?



Yes there were some right headbangers on that one. A couple of good posters too such as L K Hyman.

There was one who was oddly a big supporter of both Trump and Corbyn at the same time! There were a couple of anti - vaccine nutjobs. Some were still fighting WW2. Lolabe was into UFOs controlling the world I think. He was the only person whose posts I have ever flagged when he started on with Holocaust denial. Even I have limits of what is acceptable.




This is obviously the same Dickhead that appeared here recently as Armageddon.
And now it looks like he’s speaking to himself using two monikers. FIAT & SBUK.



Wrong on both counts Westie. Armageddon, previously known as Last-Call, was a nuisance poster who was banned for his efforts.

Both SBK and myself are longstanding posters who have operated under our usernames for many years.

So it looks like it is you who is Mr Dickhead.


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That’s the most amusing thing I’ve read on these boards for a long time!

I’ve been on these boards for 20 years and have always been one of the most popular posters, if I do say so myself. This is due to my humour, erudition and being the source of good advice.

So, Hurricane Energy: a tin pot oilie, cottage industry affair, on the periphery of the petrochemical food chain, and doomed to failure when the world price of oil takes one of its routine dives. I’ve put it on my watchlist in case it ever gets back to 60P at which point it would be a good bet to begin shorting it to death.




The answer to @carliol’s original question is that, yes, you and @bobsson and @westburrashetland et al, are being conned BIG TIME by the climate change denial lobby. As Oil enthusiasts, you may well feel threatened by the climate change science but you need to get your heads out of the barrel and consider what the majority of the world’s scientists are saying. You can continue to invest in oil but you also need to recognise that we need to reduce our dependence on oil in favour of renewables.

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No great surprise to find that these companies are involved in coal, oil and gas. But like everything else, there are two sides to the argument: the Guardian article does not point out that the newspaper is printed on paper produced using one (or more) of the above sources of energy, delivered using oil and in many cases read using electric light or daylight via glass all of which need energy in one form or another.

Energy is the foundation of our civilisation, take it away and we would be back in the stone age, so targeting the 20 biggest energy companies is a futile gesture; the reality is that humanity will not be weaned off using energy, so we had better get used to dealing with the environmental



500,000 gallons of water to produce one tonne.
and this in arid places like Bolivian salt flats.
… not forgetting the plastic boxes that usually hold it all in place.
The world population alone has increased x5 in the last hundred years … we all need to eat and keep warm use cars etc etc
… It is humans and human consumption that is the problem but I guess that wouldn’t be a popular conversation??
Anyway there are enough threads elsewhere for this topic and not necessarily with a HUR tag !!


So why post it here, it is yet another case of Lithium



Energy is the foundation of our civilisation, take it away and we would be back in the stone age, so targeting the 20 biggest energy companies is a futile gesture; the reality is that humanity will not be weaned off using energy, so we had better get used to dealing with the environmental

I agree Floss. But you are missing the point which is that it is the use of fossil fuels that is the problematic contributor to climate change. There really is no doubt about it, much as petrolheads want to deny. No-one is saying that we are going to have to give up using energy but rather that we will have to produce our energy from cleaner sources. The transfer is already taking place but so much more to be done. There will still be a place for oil for decades but hopefully it will be reduced and using cleaner technologies.

If you have children or grandchildren, what sort of earth do you want them to inherit?

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