O/T MiFID 2 and investment trusts



Just a query to see if anyone else has had problems trying to deal in Investment Trusts due to the forthcoming MiFID 2 regs?

Jarvis X-O say I need to confirm having seen the KIID (but there isn’t one at the minute just a monthly factsheet)

AJ Bell and HL both say IT’s are unaffected by MiFID 2 as they are listed investments

Surely some clarity and consistency is required?

Thanks in advance



I had to fill in a suitability tick box form to show that I was an experienced investor. No problem apart from the waste of time.

My daughter had opened an account and on her first attempted trade Friday before last she had the same exercise and as a “newby” inexperienced investor she was blocked.

Put the same trade through last Monday, no interrogation and no block.

Annoying thing is she ended up paying a couple of pence per share than if it had gone through on the Friday.

Seems to be a pointless exercise !!