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EDIN was my first investment trust back in the 80’s. I sold out in the mid 2000’s but have always kept an eye on its progress.

I have been thinking about getting back into it in recent months and was interested in the Questor column in the Telegraph on 1st February recommending it as a buy at around 681 pence.

I note that today it is trading round the 640 pence mark dropping some 6 percent in just 3 weeks.

Is now a reasonable time for me to dip my toes in the water again I wonder or should I hang on until April and cosider putting it in an ISA for the new financial year.

What do any current holders think about EDIN either positive or negative?

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I recently added ( about 2% down since then), so I suppose that means I’m bullish for the long term.

I’ve always thought of EDIN as a defensive play and this purchase was part an overall startegy, so 2% doesn’t concern me over a matter of weeks.

At this price, or around this price, I think it could be long term bargain.

I haven’t read the Questor article, but I have seen mutiple tipsters suggest it’s “good value”.

Only time will tell, but over my time horizon (10 yrs) it might just be in on of those value stages.



I cannot see any reason to buy a large UK income fund.


Thanks for the comments devonplay and allthat glistens.

With the markets in the mood they are in I am certainly going to keep tabs and look to take a decision after the financial year end when I will look to transfer in my annual ISA allowance.

I am thinking that rather pick my own stocks in what may well be quite a turbulent year perhaps it will be better to go with an IT where the have “expert eyes” on their holdings rather than my more amateurish approach.

The question, dependant on market levels t that time will be whether it is better to go for an income focused trust or one that focuses more on capital appreciation.

Thanks again



I have been a long term holder but have become disillusioned over the past couple of years and will be looking to offload when the discount narrows a little. I think the manager is ‘middle of the road’ and the sector UK Income has lost its appeal.

I am looking more towards the global low cost index funds like Lifestrategy these days.


Surprised anyone in Edinburgh can sleep at night due to the barking from this old dog. However I believe the managers are good - its just out of fashion and going through a bad patch but will come back given a medium horizon (2-3yr). I am holding and the divi is nice.