OT: Comp winner - jackdawsson



Well played Mcn2000 & Whiterose for close podiums. :ok_hand: Both gain useful ground on the leaders. Getting much tighter at the top with still 10 weeks left. All to play for! But this Friday has been brutal at times.

JD very lucky with a 3rd successive win. Almost spot on with 168.03 call. UT: 168. However, a very mixed trading week. After many VG days, Friday has been a distinctly poor one. So it goes. It happens occasionally, so not unexpected.

One of the all-time Blues greats, Howlin’ Wolf from 1960. I have a few CDs. Enjoy.

May all have a VG w/end! - Edit: Whiterose moved into 3rd place when Comp tracker updated.


What a great run of form JD!



Hi Fiat,

Thanks. At times I feel like I’m getting back to my early form when I won 4 of the first 5 Comps. Since then that’s been a very distant echo. Also, staying consistent is quite another matter. A few people still in very strong contention so this one is likely to go to the final week. - Regards & the best of luck!


Tick up for the music.

I was robbed yet again!

I suppose that the worst possible result would occur on this day of shame and humiliation for the country and the triumph of Vladimir Dimitri Putin and his lackey Trump over the UK and EU.

But these setbacks are merely temporary blips of bestiality in the forward, progressive march of history!




One should mark today with the appropriate :

Happy friday , Well done Jack


Crikey not Jack again :wink:

Well done

The bears have it, yes the bears have it