OT: Comp winner - Ole Devil



Hi Ole Devil,

Well played again! Your 169.40 call took it on the tick-up. UT: 169.26. Your excellent form from S16 continues into S17. :beer: This win puts you in overall lead, with Fiat a close 2nd.

Credit also to SBK & Soi for close podiums. Any one of a few in contention until the end today. Well done all! Still all to play for as no-one out of contention at this stage.

Three years after his death, an album (Thanks For The Dance) of brand new Leonard Cohen songs released today. This a taster:

May all have a VG w/end!



At close the SP was a 169.09 . And only at the death of the U/T did it swerve away so cruelly and unfairly away from me. Clearly this adherence to the U/T is an aberration, an anomaly, an abomination! Its happened to me before on more than one occasion. I can smell an entire mischief of rodents at large.

But could it be just be a google spreadsheet glitch? Remember their slogan: “Do no evil”? Hah!, clearly they are in cahoots with the Devil himself! Its an outrage, an outage, a complete
obfuscation of the truth.

But what do I care? Its only a game.




Wow! What a privilege to have the great Leonard Cohen as the soundtrack to my win. Sublime and mellifluous. After hearing that, the weekend starts here! Well done to SBK and Soi, and thanks as ever to JD for organising the Comp. Have a great weekend, all.


Acknowledgement to Jack too as he was heading the board at various points today. For me it as a week of two halves and ended in the wrong one, alas!


Frog n a tree



Your demand duly noted. The panel hastily reconvened. We recounted. Result stands! Better luck next time.

Kindly note, any further insinuations of Comp judges being bent may result in at least 10 points being docked. :wink: All remains above board in the Comp. Our standards are much higher than Boris Johnson’s & the current Tory Party, not that the latter takes much effort. - GL.


More disinformation! JD does not organize the COMP. vtec and Gold or Silver do. Jack is just an impostor, like a phoney doctor putting on a white coat and wandering around some hospital.

I see that this puffed up Pomeranian has now appointed himself as Chief Traffic Warden, Judge and Jury over all things pertaining to the competition.

And to think that he has been threatening to retire from the COMP for at least the past 10 seasons! We look forward to that day.






Wholly agree re the first paragraph. Hence previously I’ve gladly been the first to credit Vtec & Gold or Silver for their time & energy.

If I’d have retired at the top, I imagine some here might have seen it as lacking sportsmanship, running away from future challenges & depriving other competitors of the opportunity to beat me, as the peerless Mcn has done a notable 6 times since.

Anyway, just to show you that I bear no grudges for your poor attitude, well done too on consolidating 8th place in the Comp. It matters not a jot that there are rarely more than 12 competitors, still credit as due. You’re excelling yourself. - GL!


It is a good standing for SBK, its true. He’s trying for my 11th slot, notoriously the hardest to get week in week out, but I believe I have no peers currently when it comes to that position.