Is one coming?


Yes Crazy…came today @ 40p


bought these today @ 38.5p


loadsadough recommending this one to me.
On looking at this bb appears i have already bought it .
That’s a concern i usually recognise i have to many lol


IAmShareCrazy, and Ripley94

ITM news coming,
30 July 2018
ITM Power plc
(“ITM Power” or the “Company”)
Notice of Final Results
ITM Power (AIM: ITM), the energy storage and clean fuel company, announces that it will be reporting final results for the financial year ended 30 April 2018 on Monday, 13 August 2018.

Maybe we shall get some news about the factory that they are building. They have outlets in USA, Japan, and Australia now. For the sales that they get soon.

Ripley don’t worry about you buying it at around 40p it will go up soon. Look at Stan weinstein’s book page 11 at his charts. The trading Range is just over 30p so it is good to buy now.



Put a limit buy order in @ 29p a tiny amount partially lifted.


This is worth having a look at.

Only reply to this one I don’t like them coming out on other places.



Hydrogen from Teesside ‘could fuel UK - AND create jobs’ - Gazette Live

Try Again Ripley94



Hello Loads
The order was left on the reminder 99.5 % did not lift .
I can not read you link as it will not load.
You must be down on this one as well ?
What price did you pay , and how long have you held it.


Hello Ripley94.

I am about 6% down on ITM at the moment.

Have a read of this.

Very interesting.

I shall be leaving this site and turning to the ADVFN . I am not happy with the way they put some of my information on my Gmail. Also I am not happy with the way it has turned out, I was ok with the way it use to bein the past.

For ADVFN sing in, then go to the top right and to :Free BB:. Look for :The Drainpipe Club:, It is done by Lady Jennifer. Thus us where I shall be after I deal with tomorrow ITM results. My name will be :namruts25:,

ITM will go up in the end, I did buy some more shares the other day. Just give it time then it will rise.

Good luck.



I have had this happen a few times tiny amount of limit lifted Friday @ 29p .
Dropped price a penny and got them all today @ 28p not showing on trade history.
Maybe a sign it will drop further.
FTSE … Down 1.49 %


There was no rush here to get in @ 28p the share bounced up and down off this following three days.
Maybe its the bottom .


You must be further down now loads as i am and got in at a lower price .
And that was before this week.
I see you are still suggesting its a riser on Marksman bb


Topped up today @ 23p


Sliced a few @ 32p


Got them back for 28p


Sliced @ 38.5 … Just under 50 % of limit volume lifted.


Nice rise today sold the small amount i purchased in OO today on 55p limit… 9am .
( OO… 44p i think couple of weeks back )

Noticed i had not recorded a buy on 9th January 2019 @ 23p …nice overlook to find :grinning:
Sliced a few of those @ 58p four hours after .

Bad luck noticing that extra buy yesterday top riser today hit 73p early before dropping back to 62p @ 10am .
Should of taken head of Turkish Sam …:thinking:


Sliced @ 70p.
Looks like the pull back i noticed above to 62p was bottom , up 8% toady hit 70p around 2.30pm .
I recalled i had set a target at 70p a few hours earlier.
Placed limit and it lifted quickly fell back after.