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Hi Folks,
Could someone please explain what the CMD is and what is expected to be said at this announcement? Do we expect to hear news on how Lancaster is producing and any decent data on well performance?

Wasn’t the good doctor supposed to make an announcement just before the CMD?



He obviously knew something more… lol

Markets always lay the hand out prior. You just don’t see it


So… having read all the congrats here for my amazing vision at 64p … … you may now congratulate me in advance for my 10p forecast. Watch her hit by September end.

Listen to the markets. Not the twonks. Adios amigo


I would like to see an offtake before then.


The GREAT ONE has spoken.


Whats amazing is the same numbnuts are saying the exact same things as 3 weeks ago.

That’s called HOPE.

They all panic when the LAST CALL speaks ill of their stock. That’s called FEAR

Now GREED makes them hold .

Gonna be an emotional ride to 10p for ya guys. Hahaha


Albi 're advise given to me elsewhere… . Was friendly advise. Nothing wrong with that. Note I didn’t admonish it. Different breed of people maybe ? No teletubbies there


Twonk, a lovely word.


Maybe? But

Lets see what this week brings, its most probably you that needs to be careful now.

If i was you id watch this very carefully, so you dont get burned to hard.


CMD = Capital Markets Day
It’s a presentation to institutional investors.


You seem to forget I’ve a near 30% cushion. My entry price is locked down to close. Can’t lose a penny now. Funny how a stock drops 30% and the buyers are warning the shorter about burning


With the purpose of…

…raising capital???

But I thought we were well funded with Spirit on board and the Lancaster



Most thought that floss


No, it’s not for raising capital, more for raising awareness.
HUR have stated that the EPS will make them self-sufficient for funding.
It’s likely just the first presentation in the build-up to main market listing.
The larger institutions work on long timescales, so a couple of presentations at 6 or 12 month intervals sounds right as a lead up to that market move if and when it happens. The BoD were fairly non-committal on the main market listing but I thought the feeling was late 2020 might be the time.


Raising awareness is raising capital. They just dont word it as such.


I can explain to my bank manager that I am skint but that is a long way from getting a loan, whether I worded it as such or

On the subject of raising awareness, the other posters on here are well aware that you just





When im short, what i do is then look at it as if i want to buy. Obviously this helps me to determine the bulls.

All banter aside, I am not seeing this and there is some worrying considerations for bulls. .I’m giving this as a sample potential buyer perspective. I’m going to leave out all local sector analysis, global super sectors etc.

The most transacted price this year on hur in terms of time, is 45.34.

The recent low in July, is also the longer term average positioning 're 40.76 approx. This is why you saw the bounce there. Its technical buyers. Not fundamental.

But these tech buyers have made a grave error… .They have misinterpreted volumes badly.

All im going to say is this. Your ok if 40.76 doesn’t break. If it does, watch the speed of the exits.

40.76 is not a true support imo. There is no money source of credibility in the bounce.

So let’s ease up on the 10p Target. Il give you my next assessment price. 29.32

Now you could say… what if x or y occurs?

What im trying to say to you is, the smart money doesn’t expect x or y to occur. Dunno their reasons. Just what i see



Well that is very generous of you, three times the predicted price just for being slightly rude to you. I wonder what the price would become if I took a leaf out of UK ambassador Kim Darroch’s



I dont meqn to be rude in truth. I just get annoyed when i see people buying example 57-64p when its obvious the funds are bailing out.

I never declare shorts to be a nuisance. I simply say what i see. As we all do.

Then when i get harassed for saying it, I go into super twonk mode haha



After this weeks presentation and another weeks trading.

Ill work out some figures for you.??

Anyone can work out figures or number crunch after the event has happened., with the benefit of hindsight.

If your so good at predictions and getting things right all the time. Are you not yet a multi millionaire?

& Why are you here arguing preaching to the uninitiated, for our benifit our yours.