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Hi Carliol

Agree with Ash that’s probably the main reason, given we’re looking at averages over time and the numbers could go up and down for all we know over the next months of performance analysis.

CMD is going to be interesting though.


It may not be all “on-spec” and therefore combined with my earlier post about early cargoes being sold at a discount, will not give an accurate figure for revenue.

Especially for some on this but mainly the other boards who regularly make 1+1 =3.


Sounds like the fishing has been successfully concluded and soon on to the DST :slight_smile:


We don’t like to carp but you just trying to bait us?

What fishing, what plaice and why?

Do you mean fishing as in fission chips or fishing as in fishplates or fishing for information like this? (Only codling)

Give us a ruffe idea, that’ would be brill, we’d love to catch



Ha ha and greetings from Scotland.
You are a dab hand at writing these things.
Maybe I should get a book on it and pay COD.
They had to do some fishing at WD to retrieve something stuck down the hole but all ok now.


Have been following Hur threads on LSE and Advfn as it sounds you have too Ash. Looking positive for next week.


Thanks for that, glad to here that they have overcome that glitch, I have not been following the Warwick drill, but I assume that they must now be getting close to either declaring a dry hole or a



Seems we are at the point of waiting to see a flare sometime next week, that would certainly be confirmation. Seems also this would be RNS’d - to say that DST was completed and announce preliminary findings …


I’m guessing what we don’t need is a high gas content based on AD’S comment at the agm regarding gas as purely an oil enabler. edit: that said I wonder what effect tapping into the wosp will have on any gas?

Flowing oil from the deeper well will be the bonanza, we know that anything above structural closure flows, if the below closure flows then happy days. If it doesn’t then the company is only worth lower billions rather than upper billions. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Passed on from ADVFN via LSE:


Oil is the end product of the anaerobic digestion of plant materials, but that also generates methane, so gas is unavoidable.
The higher the pressure, the greater the amount of gas the oil will hold and it has been down there long enough for the oil and gas to reach equilibrium saturation. But bringing it up to the surface means reducing the pressure, firstly to get it to flow to the bottom of the drill hole and then as it rises to the surface and every pressure reduction will produce the sort of fizzy mixture you get when uncorking lemonade or bottled beer etc. That makes it difficult to pump but the gas bubbling out of the oil makes the vertical oil column lighter as it rises to the surface, perhaps to the extent that downhole pumps may not be needed because the pressure at depth is very high:

Hydrostatic Pressure (HP) = Pressure gradient in psi/ft x True Vertical Depth (TVD) in ft

Pressure Gradient = 0.5 psi/ft
True Vertical Depth = 6,000 ft
HP = 0.5 psi/ft x 6,000 ft
HP = 3,000 psi

As the surface pressure is about 15 psi, a bubble at depth will therefore expand 3,000/15 = 200 times on its journey to the surface, so like it or not, we are very likely to have rather a lot of gas liberated from our oil at surface pressure even though we may have deliberately avoided drilling into the gas cap.

(But as I am just a failed physicist, I stand to be



Good read Ash, do you know who the author is?


I know he’s @oilman_jim on Twitter if that helps.


I’ve never come across him before.


From Blindspot9 on LSE:

Plenty to be excited about! For instance I’ve heard on the grapevine that things are good and well on the TL and that Wednesday will most likely get interesting…mentions of black stuff and big flames.


Sounds like he’s gone to hell!

(Mind you the heavens round here are emitting rolls of thunder accompanied by big

Floshes :-o


There was nothing from TO Leader as of Saturday. There’s a chap offshore who can see both TO Leader and AM. He confirmed visually that AM continues to flare but nothing from TO Leader from his last post on Sat.


Ash, Flossoffa and Johnnie

The poster I’ve been waiting to hear from arrived on LSE today, would indicate something’s about to happen and he’s been reliable in the past:



They haven’t even started the DST yet.


Someone spotting the flare would be confirmation?