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Hello PHE went up 50% yesterday, but I am waiting to see what the China virus will do to it.



Well done loadsadouh .
I just have so many did not give this one the attention it deserved.
I see i could of picked up for 62p on 5th Feb less then 10 days 158p i am pleased for you :ok_hand:
I’m sure i did buy something else that day ill have to look .
I have done quite well in ITM ( seem to recall they are alike ? )


Hello Ripley.

I have made a fortune from PHE All my money was in it from November last year so I did very well. Then when the China virus stated I sold the lot, but now I buy some more.

Don’t know what the virus will do so just watch.

Have a look at NCYT it is planing to make a cure for the virus. Also have a look at CWR, AFC, and PPS. Not sure how ITM will do now?

Do not forget PHE when it fist one is fished later this year it will go up a lot.



Also have a look at CWR, AFC, and PPS. Not sure how ITM will do now?
I have AFC , not many i have not heard of .


Hello Ripley.
I buy my PHE shares at 1.35p. In a few years it will be worth a fortune. Have a look at < Powerhouse Ener Share Chat (PHE) > Look at it as much as you can each day.
NCYT is worth having a look at it has gone up a lot recently, but some times it drops back a bit.
Do not forget the China virus it could push many share down one day.


Hello Ripley this is why PHE is one to invest in.
All people wants to get rid of plastic, and old car tyres all over the world. As soon as it is ready orders will come in from every where. It is a new product that we have here in the UK. Do it as much as you can and wait for the future money to came back to you.
But remember the Chines virus. Howard White for PHE will not want to go to Asia countries at the moment, and the Japan will not want to come here to the UK. Plus if the virus gets here that could slow up PHE production of the first unit. In the end it will be ok just takes time.


PHE… loads…
Thanks for the tip loadsadough.
NYCT … Why no board on this site ?
I see a nice dip the day before you mentioned to 64p on the 12th , did you buy ?
Flew last two days .
When did you first come across it ?

Spent yesterday trying to get to grips with my Genfields shares a delist which has come back after 3 years . ( that is a first but they have lost about 50% of value , i am thinking they might be a buy )
About the same time lonmin did same thing pity they are not coming home as i piled in around "move out time " and they appear to have done very well.
One mad gamble around that time which might of come off .
( Another two woodford took private went bust )
The weight with lonmin will cover them .
Very annoyingly one of the brokers i use decided they would sell in bulk all Lonmin shares held with them ( default position ) if you did not tell them not to .
I did but forgot about my sons acc ( away serving the country ) who id advised to buy a few .
That was July 2019 and they have gained 156% since.
He did make a profit but just as well he does not read my posts ( he might have hump with me instead of the broker )


Hello Ripley94.

NCYT. I have not put on this board, these days I don’t put much on. NCYT I have afraid who does this one it went up over 27.7% on last Friday so that give us 100p what a huge amount to rise in just a short time. You can put it on here if you want to. I did advice other people at the moment like someone I knew had no gains so I told them to do PHE around 6 months ago now they cant bel thieve gains that they have had. Also a few months ago I told someone to try CWR they got 100% gain then sold it my advice when the virus came along. They now have NCYT.

I only did PHE and I got 100% gain then when the Virus came along I sold the lot. A now buy a few the other day to see how it goes. One day when it is appropriate I will buy a lot more, when this virus has a cure so it cant affect them…

As for your other shares I don’t have any information so I cant help there. Just wish you good luck. Think about AFC, and PPS.



I fount NCYT when I looked for shares that are working on curing Virus.

PHE may have problems when, Howard White cant go to Asia, or Japan may not come here for a while. If the virus gets going here in the UK the unit will be late getting built. So I just wait, but I caught me out with the RNS that Peel were in up it when up a long way the other day.



Ripley this is where NCYT have some information.