Primary bid



Here’s the next fundraiser.


I’m still keeping the faith, maybe I’m mad but at the end of the day we all knew a fundraiser was going to come at some point.

Didn’t think they’d need so much money either.

Let’s hope we just see this out and then the share price can hopefully stable a bit more with people knowing what’s happening.

GLA we need it.


@ 7p … they claim EIS eligible not sure how that works i thought you had to invest at IPO ?
Must be further issues as well ?
They do not like it over on lse.
Rivals to Jim melons PLE ?


PB successful, but, for the weary lth, there’s an open offer on the table, 10 open offer shares for every 85 ordinaries held. So if you missed the PB (surprised it was issued on a Thursday, they normally go for Friday evening releases), you can still get a few for 7p.
Question is, and this will show the mettle of the company, will the sp drop to 7 at the open (or below) or will it hold up above that baseline?
All eyes on the open today.


So, 7.4 at 0805. Big drop but could’ve been worse. Let’s see if it picks up through the day as people get to grips with today’s RNS.


Did you go for it prior.
The Thursday night jobs are usually the better buys from observation ( might of missed some so that might not be a fact )


Just a little tickle. Not had much interest in the company before but the discount looked attractive.