Q2 , 2019 alluvial processing over half way through then this . "copper-mineralised for over 600m westwards from previous open pit mine "



Yep , looking better every day for Xtract Resources not only are we over half way through the second quarter of 2019 ( dry season ) but we get such news that Mr.Colin Bird assumed would be the most likely case . Previous open pit mine has copper-mineralised for over 600m westwards . Result and a half and that’s just part of it " Contract signed for magnetic survey to delineate sub-surface extent of alteration/mineralisation " . Not hanging about with the Matrix Project then .

Seen how the MM’s quickly gapped up the SP then closed it , so hopefully nice rise until next RNS . Whether it be Omnia renegotiated hard rock deal to include fair brides open pit gold mine or a host of other positive from many other possibilities now . There’s Sino 2 alluvial results or even progress there of if anything major materialises . Even more sub contractors to enter the Manica prospect to process alluvials .

All with the knowledge Xtract resources is debt free has money in the bank and carries US$100’s of dorey bars to even out quarters that don’t meet the expectations of Mr.Colin Bird . Thing is with the massive ramp up of alluvial processing by Sino 2 do we really need to carry so much value on site as in dorey bars … our cautious Chairman seem to think so hence it’s low risk with caution that will bring value to share holders soon enough .