Restoration of Hope



My portfolio has taken a bit of a bashing in recent weeks, mainly as a result of The Groper’s game playing with tariffs. Hopefully we shall see some movement on this soon. There really is a need for compromise. China cannot carry on stealing technology and we cannot continue to allow our markets to be flooded by cheap goods produced by very poorly paid workers.

Many good companies are taking a bashing while this and the Brexit madness plays out. As I said, portfolio is down…by about 3.5% in the last few weeks.

It may be that the Brexit risk will continue to recede if we can see Remain consolidate its lead in the polls by a few more percent. If so we should see significant gains in the market.

Here’s hoping.

Frog in a tree


Just wait for the end of Brexit Saga and PPI

I loading up with Black Horse shares and Blue Spread Eagle shares

Every one has their day and mine is coming again

It’s in my tea leaves :smiley:


Hi Regardless,

Much also depends on how this Brexit saga ends? If hardline Brexiteers, many who are natural Tory voters, don’t get their harder version of Brexit implemented, there’ll be huge swings to pro-Brexit parties come the next GE. That seems a banker, no pun intended. Ditto some swing away from Labour, though most probably to a far lesser degree. If that allows a Labour-SNP coalition into Number 10, then meaningful recovery for all banks is bound to be delayed for a few more years at least.

I’m tempted to say, maybe consider changing your brand of tea? :wink: - Regards.


Hi Jack

10 year’s ago around this date for a matter of fact I first bought lloyds at 72p May 2009

Maybe I will need to wait another 10 years then :wink:

We still have a few year’s for next official General Election so hoping I see a nice price before Labour get voted in and Brexit and PPI will be long gone before any GE

Fingers Crossed and pray to God


Hi Regardless,

Indeed, it could well happen for you & all LLOY holders before next GE. A few outcomes still possible, including a result that lifts all UK banks well past recent resistance levels.

Of course you’ve done well enough with LLOY a few times since May 2009 by selling at profit & buying back later. Plus, we all need a bit of luck occasionally when it comes to uncontrollable macro-factors playing out favourably. Until then, I agree, no point in changing course for some holders, but carry on as before. - Regards.


Hi @regardless,

And dont forget the resolution of the US China trade war !!!. Dont hold your breath on this one or brexit…

What on earth are “Blue Spread Eagle shares” btw ?. Tried to google it and all I found were a few pubs with eagle in the name scattered round the country !!.




Hahahaha Barclays shares

I bought a few averaging around 164p

Looking for 180p to 200p short term

BTW Spreadsheet my Royal mail shares are doing OK :wink:


Hi Again @regardless, Barclays - doh !!. Should’ve guessed it would be a bank with you…

RMG ?. You call 239.x OK when you bought at nearer 300 as I recall ?. Rose tinted spectacles ?.

Never mind you could still be in Vodafone, that has not been doing well these last few days I’m afraid.

And at least Lloyds is back in the 60s today.




Yeah I was Joking about my Royal Mail Shares luckily she’s only a tiddler in the Portfolio so watching with a little amusement… I going to wait for the next update hopefully no dividend cut there and a little bounce upto ex-dividend date then I may decide to cut my losses in August

So do you own Vodafone shares Pref ?

Dividend cut not good, so loads of patience needed sadly

Lloyds may drift a little up and down but compared to most shares, she safe as houses as an investment IMHO paying a increased Dividend year on year now


Hi @regardless, To answer your question no I dont hold any VOD shares. I used to (bought at ~200 and averaged down a couple of times), eventually sold them all at 155 giving them up for a bad job. Made a loss of ~£1,500 selling but the money is now doing much better elsewhere - had I stayed I would be down by ~DOUBLE that now. Thats my strategy, if an investment goes south then try and minimise your losses and invest elsewhere. Works for me - wouldnt suit you I know !.

RMG ~234 today :frowning_face:. Labour sabre rattling re nationalisation maybe ?. Certainly hit all of the other potential targets by the look of it.




The sabre rattling looks like an easy way of reducing the price ahead of the compulsory purchase of the stock. You could call it market manipulation.



HI @frog_in_a_tree, Re your last point about reducing the price before nationalisation. Yes that IS a strategy that Im aware of, but given that them getting into office is far from certain and an election still potentially a long way off, then why do it now ?. Or has this only happened because their plans were leaked ?.




Personally I wouldn’t put much money on Corbyn winning a majority in the HofC. But as a strategy, incremental reductions over time serve their purpose.




Hello Spreadsheet

Regrettably sold my Royal Mail Shares yesterday for 237p

I must add this is my 1st loss with investing in years, I actually cannot remember the last time I cut my losses on any share, just feel it’s was not going to come good medium term :frowning:

See even the most patient lose faith sometimes


Hi @regardless, Well I would certainly have been worried after todays Labour party sabre rattling. Wouldnt want to get handed a load of low rate gilts instead of my capital - were this to ever come to pass, which I recognise is still pretty unlikely. But given that AND all of the RMGs other problems…?, yes I can understand you baling out.




Yeah lost nearly 3 grand little gutted but its it’s only money hey ho and even the best investors can call it wrong sometimes :wink:



Hi Again @regardless, Well better 3 grand than 4, then 5 etc. That’s how things can go sometimes if you make a bad pick. Sometimes they recover it’s true and many people seem determined to hold in the hope of this, and indeed sometimes this works. But anyone who bought CNA at 300+ in 2013 have been waiting a good while to get their money back, a cautionary tale of how things can go badly wrong that one I think.




I would add the BT example too. Great fundamentals don’t always work.


Hi @macbonzo, Not sure I would agree that BTs fundamentals are that great frankly. Good market position obviously in broadband and TV was a great addition, but since the Italian scandal it’s been pretty well downhill most of the way. Huge debts, pension liabilities, huge infrastructure investments required, increasing competition. Recent results not good either - revenue flat, profit down a bit, outlook for next year not great. Market reacted poorly to the results and the shares are now back at 20x, not far from the previous low point.

I had an (ill advised) flutter on these after the Italian scandal. Bought at around 240 (so not straight away but allowed the dust to settle) which compared with 400+ before seemed like a bargain, and at that time I thought “but they are ok really…”. Anyway I baled at about 203 after a disastrous run and I thought “if they break 200p where is going to end ?”. Some stayed and got out with their money back as the shares did recover a bit thereafter, but now they are back in the doghouse again.