Results tomorrow



Year end results to be announced tomorrow. Forecast to be £70-80m which would be a great improvement, but I don’t think it will increase the share price as the market is expecting it. I guess if it is at the top end then we should see some movement, but my guess is slap bang in the middle.

Perhaps a new leader could get this out as a take over target, that would be the best result for all.


The market is clearly in a bit of a funk about the possibility of bad news tomorrow hence the fall of over 6.5% at the moment. I have been out for a while whilst continuing to watch, but am tempted to return for a recovery over the next couple of years, or a possible takeover. The question is whether to wait and see what the statement brings, or have a bit of a punt ahead of it in the hope that there is no new negative news.


Liberum have downgraded it to 88p, do they know something in advance of tomorrow?

Bought in this morning at 94p, hoping for a bounce tomorrow.


I suspect that SIG threw everything in to get the first half numbers then saw a very weak second half in terms of sales volumes which in turn has seen them fail to hit hoped for rebate targets. In effect the first half will have to be corrected as well as posting a poor second half.
I think it could be grim tomorrow.


I took the plunge and bought a few at 92.5. Will be looking to double up once we have clarity tomorrow, hopefully at a higher price on a no worse than expected statement.


No forward looking comment which is a bit disappointing, but nonetheless I have added to my holding this morning to give an average in price of 97.5 which I am happy with. Effectively the price has just returned to where it was ahead of yesterdays nervousness.