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Polo Resources Limited ORD NPV (DI)
12 Mar 2018 07:00:04

Polo Resources Ltd

RNS Number : 3361H
Polo Resources Limited
12 March 2018

12 March 2018


(“Polo” or the “Company”)


Polo Resources Limited (AIM: POL), the multi-sector investment company with interests in oil, gold, coal, copper, phosphate, lithium, iron and vanadium, is pleased to announce that its investee company, GCM Resources Plc (“GCM”) (AIM: GCM) has agreed a Joint Development Framework Agreement with its strategic partner China Gezhouba Group International Engineering Co. Ltd (“CGGC”).

CGGC is an internationally recognised engineering company with infrastructure projects across the world. Its parent, China Gezhouba Group Corporation ( is a core member of China Energy Engineering Group Co Ltd, a super central state-owned enterprise, and employs approximately 40,000 people.

The Joint Development Framework Agreement outlines the parties’ roles and responsibilities in pursing approval of the Phulbari Coal and Power Project, including a commitment by CGGC (or its affiliate or investment partner) to invest up to 30% in the power plant, subject to approval by Chinese authorities, with GCM holding the balance of interest. Under the agreement CGGC undertakes to facilitate financing for the proposed power plant with GCM’s assistance.


Polo Resources forges Bagladesh mine pact with China Gezhouba
By StockMarketWire | Mon, 12th March 2018 - 07:41
Polo Resources said investee company GCM Resources had forged a joint-development framework agreement with China Gezhouba Group International Engineering related to the development of the Phulbari coal and power project in Bangladesh.

The agreement includes a commitment by the Chinese company to invest 'up to 30% in the power plant, Polo Resources said.


Not sure if that’s on GCM Regulated news but market didnt like “something” down 12% .
And hovering up and down around that since 11am.


Managed to buy Fridays slice back for 30p.
( D ) only automated trades .
It appears all the earlier ones today were over the counter.
Worked out even better this time buy limit was 30.5.
Continually learning .


14 th & 15th … chat .
Saw a big rise elsewhere early but not reflected above which @ 8.30 actually shows a drop 7%
Was just about to post glad i bought back slice… not so good now.
What a difference 30 mins makes here.
Manipulation ?


Finding it difficult getting a balanced view here cant help judging there’s a lot of ramping.
RickyRoman on LSE appeared a bit more balanced and called this morning correctly .


Put a limit buy in for 29.5p visited sister in hospital … lifted on its way down to 25.5p down 26% on day .
Be interesting to see what all the posters today before 11am have got to say !!


RNS @ 4.05pm … that’s why it tanked a clever board .


Topped up in ISA … 24.975 p


@ 24p… they did not fall back to my target of 23.5 p but increased she might be a better thinker then me : -)


Well in hindsight lydia was not … down to 21p towards close today and i have topped up at that price 18th July . the spread is 3%
Nice little 6 % rise today 19th July .


Was thinking of selling it back on 19th should of can get them 20.5 today ( 25th July )


Good job i did not not sell back on 19th as a nice 11% rise today still only half way up Boolinger Band .
If i was not so overweight in them 20.5 p might of been a wise top up eight days ago.


Horrible news of political clamp down and unrest in Bangladesh on C4 news .
Targeting journalists among others .
Can understand why many would not want to invest here.
Share price is well down today , at recent lows .
Interesting read on the research page here , they won an award in 2005 for best performing AIM share suggestion that was a signal to sell on AIM .
But not with ASOS who one it the year before… lol


Down to 17p today .


Keeps failing but i could not get any for 14.9p today , despite it showing that price above .


Topped up today @ 14.75p
Trades get marked as buy and sells depending on the mid price at the time of the trade .
so you can give it any relevance.


Had a little rise up to the 6th November but now double bottoming @ the 14.75 same price as 17 days ago .


11.75p now ( 20 % below that previous bottom )


RNS…Up 24 % to 14.5p 8.30 am Maybe this a better time to buy then 22nd Oct ?
It dropped to 11.75p on 19th November .
Why don’t i trust my own ideas ( of only 4 hours ago lol ) …up 80 % by midday 21p
That would of been best ever buy… 56% in half a day .
Set a limit sale for top up before last one @ 24 ( D ) went out to do a good deed came home lifted @ 28p :grinning: set another smaller one just before close @ 32p that lifted :blush:.
This could be 50p tomorrow . ( lse has it 176 % gain today on this site 78% )

Wed 28th … it went other way bought the first slice yesterday back at 25p ( 28p )
Quick decisions like the late sell yesterday not always a good idea .
Saw RNS after… Time 9am Price Monitoring ( 5 min Auction ) buy must of been strait after so maybe not a good signal . continued falling .
Got all the rest back @ 21p that pays for Christmas . ( just noticed i mentioned 21p yesterday )
Share Prophets blog Gary Newman “long way from production and more funding needed”… 2pm very bearish did they sell in the morning ? more impressive if they called it before the 35% fall back.
Finished Down 48% to 17.25p @ close .
Tempted .