Rotterdam to FOIL - PART II



He did tell us about the first rope breaking.
Personally, I still believe in him.


So do I, but I doubt after the stick he took last time he will bother to tell us this time.


I don’t blame him.
1 or 2 people spoiling it for everyone.


I have tuned out of following HUR, and stocks generally, because afai can see everything is marking time until Independence Day arrives on March 29th, if that day arrives on time then we can certainly expect some stock market action in April! As for HUR our hook up weather conditions have gone from 6 hours of < 3m swell, to around 48 hours of around 2m swell. So only a successful hook up will stimulate the share price pre April. As previously stated I can see first oil and the spud of the first GWA well in April, that would really boost the sp in my view. I do not buy talk of 80p take over, Crystal Amber want £2 per share minimum, and I think other large holders would want that as a minimum as well. If everything goes pear shaped then no one would buy HUR anyway.


As have I, was only following HUR and CORO. It’s very noisy out there with the B word looming and a general malaise in the world.


"…I do not buy talk of 80p take over, Crystal Amber want £2 per share minimum, and I think other large holders would want that as a minimum as well. "

AHA. Now you are beginning to talk my language, Bobsson! I say circa @2.50 at this time, but will listen - attentively - at £2 for starters.

You will notice that I have left out your caveat about the ‘pear shaped’ part!
(Musical Note) Having held our Hurricane for so long/ I will not part with her just for a song…
(etc., etc., etc.)
Refrain: Optimist I am, I am. Optimist? Of course …I am!"
With acknowledgements to the lamented, late Music Hall Era. Kr,A. - LLV


Hi All,

Now that the Aoka Mizu is on the move Monday could be interesting.

The share price dropped like a stone when the second hook up failed and should rebound when the third hook up is successful. Lessons will have been learned from the two previous failures and I’m confident a third attempt will put us on the road towards first oil.

First oil should be received onto the A M after all appropriate systems have been thoroughly tested and approved. I’m not sure how long it will be before foil but when it happens it will be a truly momentous day to remember as Hurricane increases it’s momentum to go from an exploration oil company into an oil company that’s producing from the largest oil discovery on the UKCS in the last decade.

Also don’t forget Lancaster is only one of Hurricane’s assets West of Shetland and there are three exploration wells to be drilled this year.

After all the gloom and doom of the last three weeks it looks as if the Aoka Mizu will be making ( hopefully ) it’s last voyage to Lancaster for many years.



Once, twice, Trice!

We were



Hi Everyone,

She is underway again. Although she is still showing Cromarty as destination, it looks to me like she is heading out to the North Sea, taking a similar route as before, avoiding the large windfarm. If she turns portside eventually and starts heading North, I would think that Lancaster would be the destination, imo.

All the best.



Hi Everyone,

Picking up speed and heading due east, both Grampians in attendance. Cromarty is southwest from where she is, so would be very surprised if that is her destination. As I said watch out for her turning portside, due north.

All the best.



Hello H t L,

It’s starting to look good for us. The Aoka Mizu is putting some distance between her and the Cromarty Firth. The further away from the Crom Firth the better.

I wonder how long it will take for the next three events to be completed?

Arrival on Lancaster.

The hook up to the buoy being completed.

First oil from Lancaster.

In reply - I suppose only time will tell.



Hi carliol,

This is of course speculation on my part, however she spent almost the entire day in deep water with both Grampians in attendance. I suspect that time was taken up testing a new rope and making sure the winch, etc were behaving as required. If she is now heading for Lancaster, that is very good news for at least two reasons. Firstly they are happy with the tests. Secondly, I suspect they will be on-site either late Sunday night/early Monday morning. They will be very keen this time to give themselves plenty of time to, a) make sure they get it right and, b) pick the right WW, which I believe is either Wednesday or Thursday.

Let’s hope for a very positive RNS, Friday at the latest.

Take care.

All the best.



Trying to get better TV



Hi Floss,

Currently at anchor. No idea what she is doing. although she could be waiting for more crew to arrive, prior to voyage to Lancaster. I hope.

All the best.



a recently discovered verse to the Ball of Kirriemuir

Aoka Mizu she was there,
carrying all our hopes,
But a kinky session winded up
Tangling all the ropes.




Looking more like Thursday/Friday from but not sure whether that is the best source of information for these things,



Hello H t L - Floss,

Let’s hope this isn’t another false dawn. I don’t think the Aoka Mizu would put to sea without the intention of heading for Lancaster.

Perhaps the crew are doing a bit of fishing. Maybe the crew just they are having a long lie in because it’s Sunday. Or perhaps they are having a lazy Sunday, having a few cans and watching the footy this afternoon.



Hi carliol,

According to one of the weather watchers on the LSE board earlier, it is apparently quite blustery West of Shetland today. They might well have decided to sit it out where they are and wait until it calms down before making the move to Lancaster. That is what I am hoping anyway. After all, even if they left Monday, as “ash” suggested, they should be on site late Tuesday/early Wednesday, which providing they have tested the equipment, and are happy, as I suggested yesterday, should be more than enough time to do the hook-up Thursday/Friday, which is now apparently the best WW.

All again speculation, but without much information to go on, I have to rely on personal logic and hope.

All the best.



Hi H t L,

We’ll just have to be patient because sooner or later the hook up will take place and first oil will flow from Lancaster. Let’s hope it’s sooner!

The frustrating thing is that we are so near to first oil but because of two hook up failures it feels as if we are a million miles away from foil.

However, on a positive note, we are still well within the time frame set by Dr Trice of foil in H1 2019.

Hope you are feeling well following your treatment on Friday.



Hi carliol,

Yes thank you, not too bad.

As you say, it will happen eventually. Just the false dawns that get you down a bit when your expectations are raised.

Answer to that, have no expectations and avoid disappointment, lol.

All the best.