Rotterdam to FOIL - PART II



Me to.

He stated that the AM would stop and undertake DP tests, there is no way to guess this sort of information. I do not remember him claiming to have “inside information”.

Too many long term posters are ready to discredit anyone to keep control of these boards. There was a poster on LSE who stated the AM had been delayed in Dubai and would be spending 3 odd weeks in Rotterdam not 1 week. He was discredited immediately and so no longer posts.

Shame some can not see the value in others, or may be they wish us not to.


Hi All,

The following link shows the wind farms in the Moray Firth. Their presence means the Aoka Mizu must initially take an eastwards route to avoid them.



Hi HtL

Good advice, I’ll take it!

As Aquarian notes - a third is very encouraging progress, the awful stuff is doing its job. Very good news and hope you feel encouraged by this. I’m sure you’re on a strict diet regimen but if it’s allowed then time for lots of broccoli and cancer fighting greens to support your immune system. I remember reading Lance Armstrong’s approach to his Stage 4 cancer and thinking how hopeful it was for all of us if we take real care to put life giving energy into our system - not sure I’d recommend you try cycling 100k right now, but there’s a lot of positive stuff out there. (I know one has to take Mr Armstrong with a pinch of salt these days but still I have to admire his determination if not his moral compass!).

Anyway - onward and upward and may the positive progress continue.

All the best


Very Flonny:}


I’m not sure that’s necessarily fair. I guess I’d rather hear something and bracket it as [possible] than not hear anything at all. He seemed genuine enough to me if him/herself not entirely informed. Truth always outs in the end.


Hi Albi1,

Good to see that you are obviously feeling a bit better. Hopefully you have timed this well(no pun intended, lol), and are about to get good HUR news in the next week or so.

Thank you for your kind comments and advice. It certainly cheered me up a bit when I received the news.

Take care.

All the best.



Not necessarily so!

Some hold others to standards, that do not hold themselves to.

I remember a poster on LSE stating that AM sea trials would start on the 14 August 2018. This poster now labels “Puffet” a fraud. Surely this poster must also label himself a fraud under his own standards, but what do you think the chances of that are?


Hi All,

It looks as if the Aoka Mizu is on the move. Currently moving at 2.70 knots on a south east course of 139’ The destination is still Cromarty.

It’s going to be interesting to see where she ends up.



Hi carliol,

Yes, and the last time I looked, Grampian Sovereign was off at speed to Aberdeen. They are certainly keeping us guessing.

All the best.



Hi H t L,

Somethings definitely happening. I’ll be a lot happier when the destination of the A M is changed to Lancaster.



Hi H t L,

It looks as if the A M could be heading for Lancaster. She’s changed course from 139’ to 104’ but has slowed down to 1.00 knot.

My wife tells me I should get a life! Perhaps she’s right! She says I should have better things to do on a Sunday evening than watching boats going round in circles in the North Sea.



Hi carliol,

Yes, I bet AS is having a good laugh at our expense if he reading this. Not the biggest fan of PI ship watchers if I remember correctly.

All the best.



Back home from the weekend trip round the bay. :unamused:


Yeah not sure what is happening really but there is a very good weather window from Thursday afternoon to Friday night, and there is still plenty of time for them to set off for it…

So fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:



Good Morning H t L,

Another false dawn. However, sooner or later the Aoka Mizu will set sail for Lancaster and won’t return to port for what we hope will be an eternity.

It isn’t a question of if she will sail. It’s a question of when she will sail.

It’s also to keep being patient when we know we are soon to be invested in a producing oil company.

Hope you are well.

Best wishes from a sun soaked Cumbria.



Hi carliol,

I hope you are well, and all is good.

As I said yesterday. Best to curb expectations, that way you don’t get disappointment. However, it is still bleeding frustrating, lol.

All the best.

HTL :confounded: :exploding_head:


Hello H t L,

The Grampian Sovereign is on the move. She is moving at 10.20 knots and her destination is the Aoka Mizu.

I wonder if she has the new rope on board?



Hi carliol,

Let us hope that this is the final piece in the jigsaw, where we see our little flotilla imminently head for the Lancaster field and complete the hook-up. Obviously they need the rope, so let us hope that they have it and it is the one for the job.

All the best.



Still no sign of movement.
I will not be at all happy if they miss this window.


The bouy is about 200nm away so at 10knots = 20hrs. So as Thursday is the best day for hook-up, they need to leave by 6am