Rotterdam to FOIL - PART II



@BBpoets laureate
Ye gods of the Wind, please be calm and let ship and buoy fetter
For with less Poetry, we’d probably all be off better,
But here’s hoping I’m NOT taken to heart
For truth to tell, some - but only some - are quite compelling in art.

Kr,A. Keep posting, guys. it cheers the mood to eventual hook-up. - LLV


@lawren2 You’ll be hearing from my solicitor regarding plagiarism in the morning. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


About turn.


Oh balls you’re right.
AM on her way back to Cromarty again.


This is getting ridiculous.


Oh dear. Some will be having heart failure on here with this news if correct. Could be a cheeky low ball offer soonme thinks as someone is hoovering these up.
Will settle for the lower of my earlier figures (£0.75) for a take out now. Getting bored with this share now and we are not even at the juicy part of this process yet i.e. the Start-Up. Whats the bets it leaks like a sieve as and when it does get hooked up possibly some time before summer!!! Do not think there will be a cash call to fund any delays since arriving in the North Sea (WoS) but possible hostile TO could be on the cards. £0.75 not any time soon and if the next attempt at a hook-up fails there will be buying opportunities at low to mid twenties I think but not for me, got enough now and just want rid of them.

All above IMHO, good luck to all investors as I think we are going to need it.


Which summer?


Hi All,

Left home at around 2.00pm and I have just logged on expecting the share price to be around 50p. At first sight I thought my computer had gone haywire. It’s difficult to believe the Aoka Mizu is returning to the Cromarty Firth and the share price has plummeted to 44p.

I wonder what the problem is?

There’s a whole multitude of things that could have gone wrong but I would expect a 7.00am RNS giving a clear picture of why the A M is returning the the C F. Any factor that is likely to effect the share price MUST be announced by the company through an RNS.

For the share price to fall by such a significant amount, when the market was responding so positively to the A M leaving the C F en route for Lancaster, something of a serious nature must have happened and I expect investors and the market to be informed tomorrow at 7.00am.

I’m sure I won’t be alone logging on just before 7.00 am tomorrow.



You’re really not cut out for this share’s malarky.
Perhaps you should sell, here’s something you can do with your monies.


Mostly likely updated weather report.
From what I understand from reading several boards this window was always tight.



Just as I said in reply to Flossy here a couple of days ago.
I knew I should have phone them and told them not to bother.


Thanks for the concern but do not worry about me I will do just fine with a SP at £0.75 if and when it happens!!!
I do think the SP will take a bit of a pounding tomorrow if there are any serious issues with the AM. I do not know of any companies that would send a vessel and support vessels out to location on a whim without being assured of at least a reasonable weather window with a good helping of contingency to conduct and opertion such as this so therefor I can only assume there are other issues. The fuel burn and day rates for all must be quite costly. Just. pitty this was not about three weeks ago when I purchased a final hefty chunk of these but heyho easy come easy go!!! roll on £0.75.

All above IMHO and hopefully by this summer for hook-up.


They will have set off, knowing the weather window was tight. Better to be closer to Lancaster if the window stayed open, rather than being sat off Cromarty worrying about Ashes mental health. The window obviously closed on them. Que Sera.


Probably emptying the holding tanks :nauseated_face:


Maybe broke the toilet chain.


But this is all costs to Bluewater as Hurricane gave them a contract to hook up to the buoy. So why all the talk of a fund raise? Project fear again!!


Do you know, I really feel for JoeBass more than I’m particularly suprised they turned round and came back - I was kind of suprised they left but disregarded it as an excuse to celebrate.



Remember the maxim ‘no news is good news’.

At the very worst someone threw the rope overboard in a hissy fit and they’ll have to send a ROV to find it in the morning.

It’s all good until we know it isn’t.


What style, rhyme and rhythm
I see that you’re given
Please no, don’t forsake
That which happiness make - eth … err …



Here’s some of my beer, fill your glass up, better?:}