Bit more than volume.

I like to watch the teletubbies and if Lala does a stinky in the garden… it’s a sign…

Need a crack pipe though. Makes it real.


You must be a conservative then after seeing the mornings front page.
Surprised the markets didn’t react more to cobyn
Increasing the majority last night.
Everyone bar me must be on it lol


Mine is prescribed . But it’s only legal because I add porridge


I had read on l s e that it was a fund selling down L & G that was causing the share price drop.
Assumed there must of been an Rns.
Maybe they are buying back… Lol


I don’t know if its them buying it . But some fund is. Yes it happens regularly too. A fund dumping it to then buyback. But mostly AIM type operation. You’d rarely see those actions on ftse 350. Legal anyway so if it is same crew can’t complain


To escape those games, got to do the ftse 350 stocks.


Still games. But at least they don’t ‘require’ retail. Lower down do.

A lot of Aim and lower. Think of us as the liquidity they require. Then decide in each instance, how they will use us for that.

They need us but they use it to their advantage. Lol


Just looked at some charts for yesterday i can not see large volume late on higher around 2 ish but no more then at 10am .


Yes but volume can mean anything without other markers. High volume can also be sellers too etc. Have to go deeper when see high volume.


Make your volume black. One colour. Red and green means nothing


Morning and evening … same buyer. Same levels


Accumulation in blocks


Where are you seeing that information ?


In my mind. Nothing is written in plain English in markets. It’s my perception. Right or wrong? Find out next week


When on the pipe or a wile after …lol


Haha. Don’t worry. Don’t do the pipe before 4.30pm lol


The problem with these stocks, is thst risk management is difficult. That’s the biggest issue. Have to treat these as ‘do or die’ punts. And only commit financially, what reflects that.


Crystal ??




Didn’t move cheaper today lol