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Woop, Woop…It’s stayed above 50p. It’s all in the Tape :wink: 51p by the end of the week unless BoJo calls a GE then everything will hit the floor. (Not getting into the Brexit In/Out debate!).



Don t take any notice of me, better to listen to regardless with his dead lump bought at 65 and predictions of flying.

So far underwater taking to the desperate and futile measure of ramping it on here.

That is sad.



Now, now boys!




It’s up because of the weakness in the £ , but don’t let the rampers know the truth :wink:


Hi Grey

yes, pound further down the toilet.
I am trading the FTSE 100, both ways but more to the short side.
GBP goes down, FTSE 100 goes up.

The wild swings are giving me a headache.
Having to watch the GBP rate closely.




50p + held yesterday, failed at that currently today.

The spike above 50p provided a good opportunity to open shorts as it was fairly obvious that yesterday s rise was what some would describe as a dead cat bounce.

The drop today has enabled closing of shorts.

Markets are very volatile though, tricky to trade.




Anyone know why gold and silver dropped so sharply?



They were very overbought though.
Silver down about a 100.
More realistic level.

Wish I had been short




Could be the 50p short on Lloyd’s is nearing an end soi.


Hi soi, I’ve set a 49.5 buy on Lloyds long for this week.

I’ll get my divi on time as you know and believe it wont stay low for long as it will return to 50 in a week or 2. To my mind this is a good favourite.

(as a side topic, if I’m long Lloyd’s on divi day, I get the dividends, if I’m short, how do IG deal with it?)

Commodities Crypto ETFs FX Indices. inc VIX

Hi swamp.

Yes, 49.5 or perhaps a touch lower should work and high chance it then re atains 50 p

If you are short on ex D day the dividend amount is deducted from your account




Hi swamp

just a thought here.

There are about 4 or 5 traders on another board doing plenty of LLOY trades.
I am one of them.
You might be interested in joining, it is non commercial,small but good quality posters.

You would be more than welcome to join.

it requires initial registration, after that post away.
Very lively LLOY topic, several pages per day ( live trades ).

Not in any way competition to this site.
I post on both as do some other members.
It is a good site for traders, investors of course also welcome.

Friendly place.




Thanks soi, I’ll take a look at that soon.


All long commodities settled and closed.

Next buy could take a while but dont want to short


A bird in hand is always a good position to take.


All things point to gold retracing a bit, silver will follow suit.

All sensational and emotional buying went away with hong kong about to settle, iran now talking and of course Trump needs something for 2020 elections … and then hell will break lose and am pretty sure he will win again… but chinese arent that easy so volatile again…

VIX will drop before xmas and we might just see xmas rally… calm before the shit storm…

Markets are now driven by valuations more than earnings so things are going to ripen up soon…

Silver lining soon


If it falls now
That will be on a major bad news, purely because all bad news have either passed or are factored in.

So when that big bad news arrive, then you can forget the support, 30s easily and then may be we can buy this dead horse


Divine intuition or good luck, it’s been profitable today.


Last time Lloyd’s was at this price was end of july, 1st August it was 53.76 and dropped ever since.

In days prior, it fell from 58.5 to 55 ish before the gap down to 53.5 ish.

Would I be wrong in thinking if it passes 53.75, it hits the 55.x?

ps, Heard some chap on radio claiming a deal is being seriously considered by both parties again with this Irish only backstop.
Do not get started on brexit folks, that’s just a heads up for trading patterns.


Hi swamp

Yes, could go to 55, there is an unfilled gap there.
Might fill the gap and then fall back.
It is showing strength today.

Divi re investment and strong GBP maybe