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Hi Everyone,

I see we are having our usual start to the week. Is it my imagination, or does our sp get taken down virtually every Monday and Tuesday, except if a positive event takes place.

Three priorities I believe for Dr Trice, imo. Get the AM hooked up, get the oil flowing, and above all else, get us out of this cesspit of a market. Otherwise, I begin to suspect that no matter how successful the company is, our sp will be “held” as it has been historically.

All the best.



Hello H t L,

I echo your sentiments entirely. There is no logical reason for today’s fall in the share price.

At the time of writing, according to LSE, there have been 3.7 million shares traded of which 1.29 m are sells and 2.60 m are buys. It simply doesn’t make sense for today’s fall. I’ve noticed that every time the share price has increased today it is immediately sold into and is followed by a sequence of buys.

It looks to me as if there is stake building at mates rates.

However, today’s fall and the buys going through could indicate the market’s confidence that a significant increase in the share price could be just around the corner. Perhaps I’m looking at Hurricane through rose coloured glasses but everything points to Hurricane’s share price being seriously under valued.

There’s an old saying - the market knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

As you say, Dr Trice needs to prioritise the hook up and first oil and getting off the AIM market… Once these events have been completed we should have a re-rating of the share price.

Hope you are well.



Hi carliol,

Many thanks for your reply.

“Hope you are well.”

To be honest I am feeling a bit rough. This latest bout of treatment has knocked me sideways. Anyway, it is what it is.

Take care.

All the best.



Hello H t L,

Sorry to hear you’re not feeling too good. But behind every cloud is a silver lining. Keep your spirits up and as the treatment and time progress I’m absolutely certain you’ll come out of this traumatic period in your life cured and feeling a new man.

The medical profession has come on leaps and bounds in recent years and I have 100% confidence in the NHS from personal experience.



Hello H t L,

Now that the market has closed I’ve had a look at the Hurricane transactions on LSE.

There were 8.00 million shares traded of which 2.20 m shares were sold and 3.70 m shares bought. What happened to the balance is anyone’s guess.

I’m waiting with keen anticipation for the Aoka Mizu to set sail for Lancaster in the hope that the hook up goes well and that it will be many many years of oil production before the A M leaves Lancaster.

Best wishes from a very wet and windy Cumbria.



Hi Carliol, Thanks for the update on the share transactions, as you have already stated it seems at the minute every time there is a slight rise in the SP then the sellers move in.
Hi HTL I sincerely echo Carliol`s sentiments, I personally have been impressed with your postings, which have been very informative, and sincerely hope that you will make a full recovery,
Certainly the NHS has come a long way in treating these illnesses and at least, nobody is asking you for a credit card before they start on the treatment!


Hi HtL
Hopefully the days of the SP being shorted are about to be behind us - AM off to Lancaster at 10pm (ish) - destination just changed.
Best Albi


Hi HtL
Hope that means its doing its job and that you’ll start the recovery process soon. Sending you good wishes and hope the next week gives you cause to feel cheered.
All the best


Hi john,

Many thanks for your good wishes.

Very much appreciated.

All the best.



Hi Albi1,

Excellent news that she is now on her way. I hope that this time is going to be successful and we are able to start to progress towards production, which is what this whole exercise is about. As you say, we might just about get rid of the shorters, and have a chance at a decent return here.

Many thanks for your good wishes.

Take care.

All the best.




HTL, I heartily endorse and resend those sincere Best Wishes, penned to you by Carloil, et al . I to0, am pretty sure that all will turn out well for you, d.v. Despite some view to the contrary, I have long been of the considered opinion - but my personal view - that HUR’s shares are much undervalued by the Market. And I am not getting into whether the Market is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. As has been said; it is what it is. But I think the awakening will come. I just do not know exactly when. Maybe at FOIL as has been suggested?

If I were pressed for any concern, it would be that FOIL is delayed to compel a request for additional funding to take us to that FOIL. That would indeed be a disaster as far as the S/P is concerned. Let’s fervently hope & Pray that this does NOT happen! Kr,A. - LLV


Hi lawven2,

Many thanks for your good wishes. I hope you are well and all is good.

Like yourself, I too worry slightly about extra funding. Particularly after the recent delays in getting AM hooked-up and production started. I just hope that the financial effects are being borne out by the contractors, and not HUR. Let’s hope that there are plenty of pennies in the piggy, and that initial revenue from FOIL is a bonus and not a necessity, and that they have left plenty of wriggle room.

Frankly, in the horrendous event of another cash call, I would probably sell, both out of HUR and shares entirely as the disappointment would be a step too far for me. So, as you say, let us hope and pray the requirement never, ever materialises.

All the best.



Here here Albi, my best wishes too. And hope your flu is soon a bad memory…

Very best wishes to you and HTL for good health news very soon,



Hi All
Any Breaking Newa on the fate of the expected and long awaited hook-up? As an unsubstantiated guess, it appears to be NOT going too well - and are they even at the buoy site yet? HUR’s fell from 47.20p to 44.30p within a couple of hours today. Now inching back up - but like the proverbial ‘inch worm’ of Nursery song. Any accurate news welcomed. But who has that, these days? Kr,A. - LLV


Hi lawven2,

Sorry to break the news. AM has done a U-turn, destination Cromarty. Not sure of the reason, but suspect it is probably weather related.

I am beginning to feel like we are all extras in a Monty Python sketch, lol.

All the best.



millais3h Albi1
Hear, hear Albi, my best wishes too. And hope your flu is soon a bad memoryAnd so says LLV


At least HUR’s not dead, just resting. :stuck_out_tongue:



Monty Python … yes, had the same thought a few times and resisted posting the Parrot Sketch … as another poster on LSE commented and I paraphrase - A LTH in Hurricane walks into a bar and stays there longer than originally intended … :{ and :}

I don’t think anyone saw this coming but hoping that they haven’t actually dropped the rope somewhere over the Atlantic (wildly unlikely but nought so queer as folk) and simply waiting for sensible weather - which would be sensible and therefore, OK, really, even though we’re all secretly thinking well why leave Cromaty at all if you had eyes on a weather forecast !!!


…laughed heartily at the RKH holder.


Take heart folks, once the next phase - hook up/EPS Lancaster and Lincoln are completed - I can’t see why the SP won’t start to hit 65p and upwards. Time to take up a really consuming hobby like building a hotel out of matchsticks, then painting each matchstick individually … March weather, in like a Lion and out like a Lamb. We might get luck next week … but we will get there at some point in the not too distant future.