Anyone got an invitation to subscribe at 1.25P. Seadoc is still waiting but looks like someone got all the cream.


“Seadoc is still waiting but looks like someone got all the cream”

Penny is finally dropping for me, to this cash call story

Group of investors who have taken the cream (placing & subscription) were clearly able to take this to the wire, and so it appears they clearly have, on terms favourable to themselves, as one would expect

Not sure it is favourable to us humble small investors, but we shall certainly discover that in coming months. Let us hope it is. The re-set button has been pushed

But it would be naive for us not to anticipate this group to now be able to quickly take DEMG private, & leave us high & dry
Or am I wrong?


Just got a letter from broker. All and every shareholder registered on 22nd January may apply for as many or few shares as they wish but in the event of total applications exceeding £350.000 applications will be scaled back pro rata.

My reply is needed by 14:00 on 2nd Feb.