Short Positions



A healthy 6% in short positions which have risen since Jan. Are they onto something?


I’d be surprised - just traders trying to follow momentum or push the market.


Well their recent shorts have hit home recently. If it bounces off the 200 day moving average I might be tempted to follow them. There has been some follow in the sell off due to the results missing the mark.


Is there any more news regarding the percentage of shorters?

Yours Not Short



Shorts now up to 8.6% on a rising trend .

Not a holder yet but on my watchlist and starting to look interesting again .

Difficult to make money on the long side when there is such an interest from shorters .


Shorts have reduced from 8.8% to 7.1% today.
Is that relevant?



VB: “Is that relevant?”

Not especially, IMHO, shorters have made a very good profit in a short time, so just banking their winnings.