Love them or hate them you have to take your hat off to AHL who have been steadily building their position while the likes of Cockanotgotaclue was telling all who would listen that £2 couldn’t be ruled out and others were suggesting $100 oil was just around the corner.
As I said, when they first showed their hand, they did very well out of PMO on their last short position and are doing even better this time around.

Chaos on the global markets today, PMO did manage to hit 2nd place on the FTSE losers board though!

All indices got hammered, oil got hammered, we had the arrest of the Chinese mobile phone CFO potentially re-igniting the trade wars, Brexit and indecision at the OPEC meeting.
Let’s hope the Russians play ball tomorrow or it could be another day of carnage.

Good luck.
Very quiet on here today?


For a bit of balance!
Top of the risers board today, well done and have a good weekend.