Slight surprise that no comments on price collapse here?



Gold trading above Oct 11th…whilst above it, indices may take a little fall


Above 1224.3, wouldnt buy anything heavily correlated to its index. Wait for below that


What made your somebody wait for 9.34p yesterday ? ( 11 % from close )
They were 7 for a good little wile… charts ? what did he look for.
You must be down on PMO and VOD.
And a daily fee ?


Daily fee? quarterly spreads. one off charge. Short vod since 185… @jackdawsson knows from elsewhere.

PMO, not in until WTI struck right. Did it today .

wait for 9.34? have me lost there


well, jack cant attest, but has a fair idea anyway


ah you mean buy around 9.34? and why held when below it? sent it to you yesterday. intra cross


ive no idea if still holding. i mentioned to you, 16.48p would be assessed.


@Ripley94 [quote=“Last-Call, post:180, topic:1143850, full:true”]
mentioned 16.48p as where he will decide about 20.72p

there you go . pretty exact guy, but normally for a reason



i get your question now. Bought two weeks ago on the weekly. Price was a bit higher. No idea if he topped it up 7p. Doubt it. Be too busy in 100 other markets.


" Pretty exact guy, but normally for a reason ?"
“ah you mean buy around 9.34? and why held when below it? sent it to you yesterday. intra cross.”
I do not recall you sending anything on DFX … i meant why pay 9.34 when it was 7 early doors.
16.48 would of been ok yesterday but i’m looking for more today .


you drunk last night lol?

its all in last nights thread. he bought two weeks ago. was only about 11% up after the 50% rise yesterday, and the chart as to why he held lower.

never hear of quarterly spreads? overnight charges for the birds


he bought ‘two weeks ago’.

no idea if he topped up 7p.

but i very much doubt it. He would be too busy in other markets once assessed that one initially. Unless he got some alert he set…i dont know


RE vod: you think id short low?

that would be like buying high67

market suicide


Its why so many want to buy vod now. Low buy value…‘or is it?’ haha


Maybe this is the buy…who knows…but ive seen nothin different, or no new decent arguements, that have not been heard in 2018 real-time value lows


they were all promising too…but ya never know…new batch of turkeys, after the last batch carved…could get lucky



All real time ‘buy buy buy’ prices…the floor has been found.

So as clint eastwood said…the market says to you today…

‘ya feel lucky punk? do ya’…



Hi Last-Call,

Indeed, can’t verify 100% as I wasn’t there when you first posted & some posts later removed. However, will gladly mention that I’ve no reason to doubt you as your later posts that I caught were very consistent about your short & initial 127 target, et al. As I said on the other site, I wished you well with it.

FWIW, including me, a few of us post our trades live for public scrutiny as we used to have too many jokers. I mean those who might have claimed they went short as 220, closed at 142+, went long at 142+, closed at 151, etc… :wink: Okay, not quite that obvious, but you get the drift.

Serious point, I’m a bit surprised you didn’t book at least some gains at circa 142+ to 145+ last week, just in case of a general bounce. Especially with knowing how nothing is a given with sentiment around this Brexit business & negotiations in the final weeks. But GL anyway.


Didnt book 2p to be honest, coming into ex div etc. And normally, i would do.

But as the saying goes, if something aint a buy, its a short. Given i had no interest in the capital return run into ex div, im just waiting to go a little heavier on the short. Maybe 3 days time.

Sure. would make sense to have done as you say. Normally would. But just didnt see the need to reduce here and pay the quarterly spread charge to add back again at a higher rate