Slight surprise that no comments on price collapse here?



thats the analysis as always. Who?


Also notevvvv

the casll options, price drove up to strike it for them BEFORE results day.

Retail fill strikes for the savvy last two days?


and then two weeks dated for after results, massive weighting to the Puts (Bear) side, to fall


3 days, all calls filled. haha


of course, only part of the derivatives market. can give you much outlook though


i wouldnt short if the derivatives market wasnt weighted bearish after results. I need some money my side in case it goes wrong on day


Then after xmas sales and report… you can see, the bears still hounding it on the options side. BUt thats a vry basic view. Needs drilling down but does equate to same there anyway12


thats 1 derivative. I track 6…to make sure when im wrong, somebody sees me right lol


So, its a case of, make allowance for being wrong, so your right anyway.

Even if wrong tomorrow, its going to take somethnig truly mega, to stop me getting something from it with a bit of a hold. That Has happened. Not often though


ie tomorrow goes up, it needs to change the trend, parts of etf sector, most of the derivatives sector, and whatever else. So if they get my money, bottom line is:

well done. they deserve it there


@Ripley94 in turth , its all ive ever needed to follow. the money over the years. What i said about alibaba above, is more than ive ever known about any company. And thats only because it was in some rag i was reading.


I never begrudge the market a win against me. I just think

‘aye lads, ya suckered me that time…see ya next week’



@Ripley94 I have one golden rule. Whatever share i take a loss on, i wont go into it again for a year. Nothin worse than making decisions based on thinking ‘it owes me’ …it doesnt. I was the turkey and fair duece to them’. I admire their skill too.

So i leave it alone for a while, to forget revenge…and make it pay another day.


The biggest laugh is when people blame rigged markets and so on. Well they never blame rigging for profits. So suck it up like a man when take a hit…and just say, well done my son…


i could go on about all that for hours. Can you delete messages? even i know thats too many


Lastly, i dont mind posting stuff here. Bottom line is, i could post every way i do it…everythnig, 100%. And 99.999% will still lose. And they will still lose with any other consistent players way here.

‘Because …ya ha ta think like them’ the lads’’’
And thats a dark place for the feeble minded


haha. lol

Time to go cook the turkey. Catch up after results. See how reaction goes


And if not willing to think like them, then ya gotta hold…and hope for the best…5-10 year plan. lol


Pure evil. Pure pscycho tendencies. All they want to do is smile and finacially rape us all. This is true markets.
So yes, for most, run along to the isa…best bet.


tell me something Ripley. After a company launches a cap. Raise the money. What honest use in reality, are those shares to them? Just a pain in the backside perception of ‘caring for shareholders’. But you tell me, once the money is raised, what is their actual value? \Are we dealing in perceptions? Or is something truly tangible? Apart from trading its price movment. Whats it value to the market after launch apart from playing cowboys and indians with SP?