Slight surprise that no comments on price collapse here?



And would probably be the first airline that, if the engines failed, you’d be stuck at 25000 feet all night. Plane would be afraid to crash in case they had to pay an extra landing charge


well you and the charts were correct but i do not think the results were that bad ?
was it enough of a drop for you to profit , how long do you keep your short on for.
when you think its bottomed do you go long ?


doesnt matter what the profits were really

Tesco beat expectation and got hit 20% on day

DEB had the worst results in 240 years and jumped up over 20% on that day.

My view now?

red arrows haha


By January ripley…maybe faster

right now? carrying a red short here. But market reaction perfect really. Esp as u say, no rally when results not a disaster…

but cant be a surprise…medium term trend simply holding…and current sentiment etc


@Ripley94 Vod. That looked brutal. Maybe not today but it sure set brutal up for next week.

Ex div capital chasers bailing out already?

Hope not. I didnt plan to add to short until tuesday

Catch up monday Ripley. let the weekend commence…Have a good one…


Yes hope you have a good one i see you have been busy on BABA board.
I can not see the brutal its bouncing off 150 now , i got in @ 143 ( 5 % up ) one week.


“so unless this trader knows the results before they are announced then I would say its impossible to predict.”

One should never think anything impossible…hence, the busy lesson prior to market


Not brutal for you…just mean in general…the unfolding revalation lol


I think markets might of seen the bottom of this fall back so ill be impressed if it drops to 143 again.


Well, 127 not even impress me. Maybe 90p. But you never know. Could both be wrong

50p or 200p next. Each one in markets, as likely as the other. Thats the main thing never to forget…


BABA official market down around 2.83% right now. But thats not the telling story

Its down nearly 10% from pre market high…next 3 months scripted…


@Ripley94 forget sentiment re vod

even if this was bull range or flat range SP, what percentage adjustment do you expect, ex div day?


i think can even floor 143. After today, i dont see bulls coming to ram this to 160 first. If anything, they are running


Good results from vod? Worth 5%. Bad results? Down 15%.

So even good results and an SP adjustment will be a negative return.

Simply because I do not believe, reaction to good results is a turning point in the overall market.


Looks like the bear is having a loners party here. No other celebrators?


New long-term (9 year) closing low of 143.92. Very disappointing. Also doesn’t augur well for Tuesday’s HY results. As it stands, we can only hope that any bad news is priced in. If not, even then little changes for me at this stage. I’ll continue holding.

As discussed earlier, divi-cuts look increasingly likely with yield now approaching a ridiculous 10%. Divi cuts may even please markets as debt could be reduced much sooner. However, even divi-cuts aren’t a 100% given. A recent comment by new CEO Nick Read suggested that asset sales might also be considered. For eg. selling off mobile masts.

Roll on Tuesday as by then at least a lot of uncertainty hanging over this the past few months should finally be lifted.

Needless to say, chart looks terrible, though there’s a gap above from May at circa 207+. When we find a bottom here & things turn decisively, we may even speculate on when that gap might be closed. Certainly doable, but it’ll probably be for much later. - GLA.


Maybe of interest, recent news item re VOD’s dividend looking ahead to Tuesday 13th & quote from link below. - GLA.

Christopher Williams, deputy business editor. 10 NOVEMBER 2018 • 7:30PM

"Nick Read, the new Vodafone boss, is poised to defy pressure to cut the telecoms giant’s dividend to bring its mounting debt pile under control.

He took over as chief executive from Vittorio Colao last month and already faces calls to curb the shareholder payout this week alongside his first set of half-year results.

It is understood that Mr Read will maintain the existing policy of steadily increasing cash returns for shareholders. Analysts at Citi told clients there was a “consistent view that there is no near-term risk to the dividend”.


Saw this article quite by chance on today

They seem to be expecting a 2% drop in revenue and a 4.6% drop in earnings.




"Vodafone is expected to see a 2% drop in revenue for the first half, to €22.62 billion, while earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) is expected to fall by 4.6% to €7.05 billion. "

… and Chris Beauchamp and the VOD Board might have some explaining to do to the Regulator if that is proved accurate with respect to confidential and inside information.


Hi JW,

I agree, if the actual results are very close to what these reports expect & too close for us to be able to dismiss them as little more than very skilful speculation, then the FCA should definitely become involved.

Moreover, if the expectation is proven highly accurate, as mentioned a while ago, though market abuse via insider info is often difficult to impossible to prove, I wouldn’t be too surprised if some large funds had a whiff of such bad news weeks ago. That’s in view of the degree of falls in SP since a while after VOD’s last update on 25th July.

Hopefully not, but we’ll know much more soon enough. - Regards.